Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Walgreen's, knitting, etc.

So, my internship started last Wednesday. We had orientation at the District Office in Atlanta and it went well. I met my store's manager and he's really nice and easygoing, which is great. I started at the store Thursday and had 2 days of online training (yippee.) and Monday I started in the pharmacy. We're not in a high-traffic location, so it can get a bit slow, but it's pretty good. I enjoy pharmacy work. I'll be in photo through the rest of the week and back to pharmacy Monday through Wednesday of next week.

I have to admit, I feel a little unsure about this job. I really want it and hope that they offer me the position at the end of this summer, but am afraid that the other interns (none of which I work with or see) are doing better. They are mostly business majors, marketing focus, etc. There are only 2 others that aren't in the field... I'm a history major and just recently decided to pursue a career in retail management. I have no training in it at all... this is only my second retail experience (I worked last summer with a baby clothes retailer) and my first with any sort of management. The orientation was conducted as if we all had knowledge of management and retail stores... "Oh, but you've all learned this in school" "I know you already know..." and the like. Well, I didn't learn that and I don't know. But, my manager is really great and he's very helpful. He himself wasn't one that went straight into management after college, so can understand where I'm coming from. I'm just afraid I'm going to work hard and not get it. Just fears about the future, I guess, but still bothersome. I'm not one of those people that was born to manage (I'm an entrepreneurial, outdoorsy kind of girl) and I never imagined myself in a business suit holding a briefcase, going to meetings. I'm supposed to be working with animals, being outside, running my own business that I love, or something like that. It's just kind of tough to realize that's not what I'll likely end up doing... am I doing the right thing?

Anyway, enough about that.

I'm still working on the Sweater Bag, though haven't really touched it since starting the job. I'm also working on the Baby Kimono from Mason-Dixon in some of the Sugar'N Cream Twists I got on sale at Michael's. The Basketweave Socks are on a little break.

Michael's had a great sale Sunday... get 25% off the entire purchase (even sale items!) between 4 and 8 pm. I definitely took advantage of that! I got some wooden frames to decorate, stuff to decorate them with, a blank stamp (to carve our own), got Moma some camo yarn for dog sweaters, and I got me 2 skeins of Patons SWS... I've been wanting to work with it for the longest time (I'm sure it felts wonderfully!), but couldn't justify paying 5.99 per skein (I think it's just that it's Michael's and I expect lower prices. If it were in a LYS I would have bought it a long time ago. I need to get over these expectations... they aren't very fair). I got 2 in the natural plum colorway. Very pretty. Will have to search Ravelry for patterns that require 2 skeins. I think I'll really like it.

Shawn came over Sunday night and left at around 0600 this morning. He had to go from here to Dobbins (in Marietta, a good 2 hours away if there's no traffic) to get to work. Sunday night he had to drop his sister off at the airport (she's in Israel), so he met me for a nice dinner since we're not too horribly far from the airport (about an hour and a half) and I had to go to Michael's anyway. Then he came back here. I had to work yesterday, so he just hung out here and helped out around the house. After work I went to a neighbor's to clean up their house a little (a lot). Then we hung out here and he left. Not as much visiting as I would have liked, but is it ever? He's getting his bike soon and he'll be coming for a weekend when I have one off (every, so far). He's definitely coming for the 4th of July (Thursday night through Monday night)... I think I'll have that Friday through Monday off... a nice 4-day weekend. Did I mention my manager is great?

Some pictures:

A really out of focus picture of my hippo Arthur bought me.

Some yellow flowers in one of the gardens.

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