Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Accident prone...

Ok, in my 21 years I have broken my nose twice, my collarbone, my arm, my foot, my ankle, numerous fingers, and numerous toes. I have torn ligaments in both ankles (one ankle twice and finally had ligament repair surgery in 2005) and my shoulder. Not to mention the numerous bruises, cuts, burns, scrapes, and other minor injuries along the way. I was even in a cast (alternating legs) for an entire year straight, with only a few days to one week out of cast before getting hurt and having to get another on the other leg.

Here's the most recent:

The picture is kind of fuzzy, but that's my right arm. Yesterday a friend of mine asked if I wanted to go ride (horses). I was feeling somewhat ok at that time and decided a short little ride wouldn't hurt. I needed to work Acorn, my 4 year old filly, anyway. She is still green and I hadn't worked with her much lately. So, I saddle her up and off A.J. (the friend) and I go. We literally get about 15 feet down the rode from my driveway when Acorn hears Winchester, her mother who she's horribly attached to, hollering and running the fence. Acorn makes a quick turn and buck (simultaneously) and I lose my right stirrup. I'm really good at hanging on, but not this time. I decide it's best to fall as best I can rather then get dragged. So, down I went. On a dirt road. And I slid for a good 4 feet.

A.J. asks if I'm alright before running to catch up with Acorn. I was and was up immediately. I did bust my lower back (again... the 4th time ever and the 3rd time in the past year... I already have nerve damage and limited feeling there) and got that nasty road rash on my arm and it's pretty swollen. Acorn didn't go far, just ran to her moma and daddy (we have him too... my baby, Rowdy). I walked down the road to get her and she's lucky it was a few minutes before I got her (I tend to have a quick temper). I did snatch her around a little and pop her some. The rest of the ride was rather uneventful, but I'm sore today.

Accident prone? Or just attracted to those types of activities?

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Anonymous said...

Gosh, you sound like me! From the age of 5 - 21 I think I was in the emergency room every other year for something!

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