Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Favorite summer memory, a puppy, & swaps!

My favorite summer memory has to be going to St. Simon's Island for the first time. My dad, who was in the K-9 Unit at the time, had a training week down there, so the whole family went. The dog, Rowie (w pronounced like v), was such an amazing animal and had such drive, yet was the friendliest thing when she wasn't working. She was a Dutch Shepherd.

We went down there and stayed in a nice hotel (paid for by the Sheriff's Department) and Moma, Arty, and I spent the days in the pool while Daddy and Rowie were working and afternoons/evenings walking around, shopping, going to the pier (crabbing is so much fun!), and seeing the sites. There is a lot of history down there and some beautiful homes.

We went every summer after that for a few years, but nothing was like that first trip. It was really amazing... just doing what we pleased, the days seemed so long, and that week was just amazing. I was only about 9 or so that summer, but I remember everything about it... the way it smelled, the fun of crabbing, catching hermit crabs and bringing them home, catching sand dollars (then learning that the white color comes from putting them in bleach!), and those yummy peach candies.

Here's a cute puppy for you (Blacky x Bonnie):

Knitting news...
Not too much going on right now. I'm working on the second ball of the Noro from my swap partner (So pretty! And the colors transitioned perfectly from ball to ball.). I'm also working on a few afghan squares for a swap I'm in on Swap-Bot... it's really neat; there are going to be 10 rounds total and we send 3 6" x 6" squares to 2 partners, meaning that we will get 6 squares per swap. That's 60 squares total... I'm not the best at math, but the logical way to put this thing together is 20 x 30 squares... a blanket that's 10' x 15'? That can't be right, can it? Anyway, we list what colors we'd like and I said earthy stuff... dark blues, tans, greens, rust, etc. I have my partners for this first round and one girl likes brights and one likes earth tones. A nice contrast. I have one square for each person made so far (I have until the 31st to mail).
Spinning-wise, I'm working on seaweed green merino (remember, from the St. Patty's Day contest I had? Same stuff). It's going to be a scarf for another swap I'm in (monochrome scarf). Next will be some of that lovely brown/tan/white roving I got from a swap partner in New Zealand in a hobby swap.
I signed up for yet another swap... I'm addicted! It's a one-package deal and I already have what I need for it... 4 ounces of handspun and 4 ounces of fiber to spin. Check and check... I have plenty of nice handspun (ok, not plenty, but enough I can bear to part with some) and I have 4 ounces of merino roving in a pretty cobalt blue color. I have until the 8th for this one.

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