Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Not much knitting going on...

I didn't knit yesterday. Not one stitch. Sad, isn't it?

I had to go back to work yesterday, but it wasn't that bad. It actually went by quickly. Maybe that's because, since I'm management and make the to-do lists for everyone, I get to see what project I want to work on and take it for my own. Now, to be fair, I do take on some of the least desireable tasks as well... it ends up balancing out pretty well, actually. Anyway, I chose to do a "flip-flop" on the peanut and Gatorade endstands. Basically, it's swapping merchandise locations. Not really that difficult, but it is frustrating (Dang that space between product and shelves! Oh my gosh, don't tell me I just put up 34 bottles of Gatorade on that shelf, all nice and neat, and I need to take it all down now since the shelf could go up one more space!). No one really likes doing it, but I do. It's simple, productive, and time goes by so quickly while I'm doing it.

Today I did all but 4 things on the to-do list by myself. See, told you it's not all fun like I made it sound at the beginning. Everyone else was doing out dates (and the periodic 90-day outs), leaving me with everything else. Now, I'm not going to mention that it only takes one person to do the outs and that I have such helpful employees that everyone decided to go in on the outs project together (cough cough). Ok, so I did mention it. Like at every business, we do have some very opportunistic (read, lazy and manipulative) employees that are really awesome at seeming busy and helpful. Working hard or hardly working? Some do the former and some the latter. But, I was kept quite busy and that's good. As long as I'm doing my job and reasonably making others do theirs and everything gets accomplished it's a good day.

I do like to complain about the job, but it's a good one that I hope I get to come back to after graduating. Actually, I hope that I get to work a weekend a month as a (very) part-time assistant manager so I can keep my active employee status and immediately start getting benefits (insurance and that wonderful profit sharing) as soon as I start working full time. Not guaranteed that Walgreens will want to keep me on, but I really am hoping and planning for it.

Another development... I won't be walking the Appalachian Trail. It's awful and I want to cry over it. I just don't have the money to do it. From what I've researched, it costs a minimum of about 5000.00 to do the whole thing. That's food and supplies along the way, the at least 5 pairs of shoes I'll wear out on the way, hotel stays at least once a week (which is highly recommended as it's very hard on the body and a day of true rest a week is necessary), etc. Um, I don't have and won't have 5000.00 by then. I'm having troubles paying for college this year (scholarships changed and I'm a little over 4 grand short). Student loans, here I come.

But, there is a positive in this. I will be able to start working immediately after graduating, taking a month off first. That's good money. Since I will be coming back home to do all this, my only real bills are the student loan (Hey, paying only a few thousand for a college education? Sounds good to me.), cell phone (I'm a part of my parents' family plan, so it's like 15.00 a month), insurance (which is more than reasonable since I've never gotten a ticket and the Santa Fe isn't exactly a racy sportscar), and the usual food, gas, and horse feed. I should be able to save save save. And I'll be participating in the profit sharing. So, that means that Shawn and I can get hitched without worrying about money too much and can get started on buying land and buying that house of our dreams (I'll have to post the pics and floor plan sometime... it's gorgeous).

So, that's all I got for now. Knitting updates coming soon (should have a FO pic of that scarf later this week) and I'm expecting a package very soon from my SoYL partner, so watch for that!

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