Saturday, July 19, 2008

So, I'm sick.

The weekend of the 4th I started having a sore throat and pain in my left ear. I took 2 days off work (after the throat got worse and I started coughing) so I could just sleep it off, which usually works when I start getting sick. Didn't work. I started feeling better physically but still had that awful cough... it was in my chest and any pressure would make me cough or even when I changed positions when I slept. After hearing me cough all night long Wednesday night my dad insisted that I go to the doctor (he gets up at around 3 am every morning and my room shares a wall with the living room).

I have a sinus infection and a bronchial infection (sinusitis and bronchitis). Two infections at once. Go me.

The doc gave me a note for work (I was 2.5 hours late because of the appointment) and was surprised when I said I was going in to work that day. He figured that I would want to call in for a few days. I think not. I feel fine enough and really hate letting work down. And, I like getting paid, thank you very much!

I'm glad I went to the doctor... I tend to not go and just ride it out. He said if I waited another week I'd have pneumonia. I had it when I was in kindergarten and remember being on antibiotics (no milk products and all I wanted was cheese sticks) and staying home from school for 2 weeks straight. My grandmother came over every day and brought me Where's Waldo books. On second though, maybe I should have waited until next week! (kidding...)

Anyway, the long wait at the doc's office let me get a lot of work done on the Summer Love Scarf. I should finish it tomorrow.

Here's a picture of Gideon napping:

He's such a napper dog... if he's not eating or walking, he's sleeping. He sleeps in the bed with me and I let him sleep in (he only goes outside twice a day or so... I swear I think he'd die of heartbreak if he ever had an accident in the house). Some days I get up to go in to work or school or whatever and I leave him. My mom forgets about him and I come home that night to find him still asleep in bed. I let him go out to potty and an hour later I'm ready to go to sleep and he's in with me. Just falls alseep with no issue.


Anonymous said...

Oh gosh! I hope you feel better soon!


Anonymous said...

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