Friday, July 4, 2008

Some things about me, inspired by SoYL Swap

So, there is some talk on the Summer of Yarn Love Swap Ravelry group about knowing a little more about partners. Things that aren't covered by the questionnaire. So, in case there is question of me and all that, here's some info:

-I am 21 years old.
-I'm a college student in Dahlonega, Georgia. I'm studying History and Criminal Justice. I graudate May 2009.
-I'm currently doing a Business Management Internship with Walgreens and hope to go into management after school.
-I will be walking the Appalachian Trail from Maine to Georgia as soon as I graduate. I will be taking one of my dogs, Partner, that's it (it was Johnny Cash, but decided Partner was better for it).
-I'm engaged and have been for a year on tomorrow. We're getting married May 2010 more than likely.
-I am a true animal lover, but hate animal rights.
-I am conservative with it comes to politics.
-I love being outside and get stir crazy if I'm indoors all day.
-Shawn (DF) and I will have a small farm once we're married. We'll have fiber animals, non-fiber animals, and plants and hope to make our diets 95% homegrown.
-Other than fiber arts, I enjoy making Artist Trading Cards (ATCs), cross stitch, drawing, woodburning, and beading. Non-crafts, I like running, training dogs, working horses, and reading.
-I do all farrier work on my horses (trimming feet, etc).
-We breed Standard Poodles and Yorkshire Terriers.
-I love American history, especially Revolutionary stuff. I also love Holocaust history.
-I've always wanted to visit Philadelphia, see the Amish, go to Hershey Park, etc. I've also always wanted to visit Washington DC, New York City, Montana, Wyoming, Texas, Australia, Germany, and Ireland. I never want to go to California, Canada, Africa, or England. No offense to you guys, just no real interest.
-I'm definitely a small-town, country girl. No big city living for me.


sunt_lacrimae_rerum said...

Walking the Appalachian Trail sounds absolutely wonderful! I hope that you'll love every moment.

From a "Summer of Yarn Lover Swapper"

Christy said...

You will love Philadelphia. You will drown in history. If you ever go to Missouri, there are Amish everywhere. Their food is awesome and no on is allowed to breath on the quilt we bought.