Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Sp Question and a little rant on spending

What is your favorite supper for a hot summer evening?

I'm assuming that supper means dinner (the final meal of the day). Here in the South, supper and dinner can mean the same thing or sometimes dinner means lunch and supper means dinner!

Anyway, I don't really have a favorite that's specific for a hot summer evening... I like hamburgers a lot, especially with bbq sauce, bacon, and swiss cheese. I guess that could be a favorite.

Speaking of that burger, I had a really good one today at ESPNZone in Buckhead. The BMIs (interns) had a field trip to the World of Coke (Walgreens and Coke are buddies) and we ate there afterward (not as a group, just me and the manager and two other interns I rode with). I'm a whole different person than these interns and managers I'm dealing with... they are all about some money and are real good at spending it. They have to have a very well-paying job to support their lifestyles. The two other interns I ride with are twins and they both have Coach shoes (at 88.00/pair), Gucci bags, etc. The manager is the same way. They drop money so quick and on some of the silliest things. And they love the big city life... condos, no trees, traffic, etc. Me... not so much. I'm a country girl and love small town life. I love knowing everyone, the open spaces, freedom to drive without getting all stressed out or it taking an hour to drive 15 miles on a Friday afternoon. And my money goes toward things like horse feed, hay, and yarn. We all have our tastes, but I at least try to be practical. I asked the twins about their shoes when we were talking about lifestyles... I told one of them that they couldn't even walk through a mud puddle in those Coach shoes. She said that they only touch cement or tile floors. I mean, 88.00 on something so useless... it's a NAME that they are paying for. The value of something like that is ONLY in what we assign it... it has no true value at all other than being something to cover your feet. No more actual value than my 20.00 pair of Sketchers I wear daily. Actually, my Sketchers probably have more actual value because they are able to stand up to a lot more wear and tear than those Coach shoes.

These other interns think that Walgreens pays too little for the amount of work required. Yes, the job can be taxing, but that's any job. It's not called work for nothing. I think the pay is great! I'm making double digits an hour... my first job like that and I think it's excellent pay. Maybe I'm naive because I am small town and I'm not a business major and don't know any better. But, come on! How many job offers is a recently graduated person going to get that are much more than that? Walgreens is a very stable company with a lot of opportunity for promotion and growth if you want it. I don't understand some of these people... are they that spoiled? Do they really think that they can get paid 6 figures a year and do nothing for it? Or are they on to something that silly little me doesn't know about? I'm leaning toward the former more than the latter.

Back to the outing... it really does link to that little money rant, I promise! ESPNZone was neat and my first time at a place like that. Ok, it's a sports bar. A big one with nice tables, but it's just a sports bar when you come down to it. I had a Smokehouse Burger with fries and water to drink. 15.00! For that? It was a good burger, but I could have been just as satisfied with a Jr. Bacon Cheeseburger from Wendy's that only costs 1.00. The place had valet parking. Who valet parks at a sports bar?!? I don't understand Atlanta people.

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