Sunday, July 20, 2008

Summer Love Scarf FO and SAFF!

First, here's the Summer Love Scarf I finished yesterday evening while stuck in traffic on I-85 (idiot planners decided to close down four lanes on the southbound for repaving!):

I love this scarf! It's my first time working with Noro of any type and I'm not disappointed! I have heard complaints about the not-so-softness of it, but I'm not too sensitive to that kind of thing and find it just fine. I rarely go for the self-striping thing, but lately have been somewhat drawn to it and this definitely is alright by me. I think I chose the perfect pattern for it. Thank you, SoYL Pal!

And, in other wonderful news, Moma and I are going to SAFF! The Southeastern Animal Fiber Fair.

Shawn, my handsome and wonderful fiance, is giving us the money to go and shop our hearts away as my anniversary (Nov 11) and Christmas present. Aren't I the luckiest girl? My baby feeds and supports my habit!

Moma and I were planning a girl's weekend and going... that was in spring and I soon realized that I wouldn't have the money to go (and I don't think it's worth driving to if I only had 100.00 or something to spend). Rent has increased a lot this coming year and there are other expenses with college and it just wasn't possible. I was talking to Shawn the other day about finances and how I couldn't go... he told me today about my gift! Moma and I are so excited! We're only going to it on Saturday since hotels are hard to get and only add to the cost of things (every penny is going toward food, fiber, and fun). Moma will come and stay in my apartment in Dahlonega that Friday and we'll leave early that Saturday morning. I think it will be about a 2-2.5 hour drive from school. That weekend is Gold Rush in Dahlonega (a huge craft show thing) and I do love it, so I still get to spend time with Shawn there on Sunday (he has to participate in Corps activities Saturday and is usually tasked out some on Sunday).

I only wish that I'm able to do something equally wonderful for him for Christmas. Our anniversary isn't really celebrated in an expensive, gifty way (usually a nice date and a card or something very small... last year he lucked out and bought me a giant hippo stuffed animal from a thrift store for 0.99), but I really like to go big for Christmas. I will be able to get him something a little pricier at that time, but he's so difficult to shop for! Either it's way expensive or he just buys it himself. I've been telling him to give me a list and to NOT buy everything he wants right now! I've got one or two things in mind, but he's so difficult.

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