Friday, August 29, 2008

A contest...

I've decided to have a contest to celebrate a number of things... my mom's big move this weekend, my successful internship with Walgreens, Vinnie (see post below), and the start of my final year of college. And, I really want to hold another contest! The St. Patty's Day one was fun.

This contest is going to be SAFF themed (oh, another reason to celebrate!). Leave me a comment on this post with suggestions for vendors that are must-sees, yarns that are must-haves, patterns that I should buy yarn/fiber for (on my queue or not), if I should try to follow my mom's advice and mostly buy fiber to spin/prep myself and little finished yarn, or if you have any tips or anything I should know! So, no comments that are generic ("Have fun!" or "I like your blog and hope you enjoy SAFF!")... I'm looking for tips, advice, or suggestions, please!

3 ways to enter... post a comment relating to SAFF, mention my contest on your blog (please let me know if you do!), and send people my way (please let me know if someone sent you!).

I'll randomly draw the winners on Monday, September 8. That gives you until Sunday, September 7 (midnight), to enter.

There will be 3 winners. All three will get a set of 6 handmade stitch markers, with first place also getting a copy of Mason-Dixon Knitting by Kay Gardiner and Ann Shayne. I may throw in other prizes, I may not. Depends on if I find anything else to send!


ikkinlala said...

I'm not sure how helpful my advice will be, considering that I've never been to SAFF or any other fibre festival (I'd go in a heartbeat if I ever had a chance), but I can comment on what I'd do if I went. I think it would be good to follow your mom's advice because hopefully it would save you a bit of money, but I'd still get some yarn for the instant gratification. I also think it would be interesting to go see the livestock as well as the yarn and fibre.

Wendy aka Misswendiki said...

I recently attended my first Fiber Fair, and here's my advice.
1. Do a walk-through of all the vendors before buying anything.
2. Your mother is right. You will see so many awesome rovings that your head will spin!
3. My personal rule was that I wasn't going to buy anything that I could buy in a commercially available yarns.
4. Independent vendor websites do not count as part of rule 3.
5. Bring a backpack, basket, or other large bag to carry all of your goodies.
6. Give yourself a buget before you get there. It's WAY too easy to get caught up in the fibery goodness!
7. Wear comfy shoes, and have a great time!

Turtle said...

i agree witht he above advice! Walk around first and unless it is something you cannot live without wait. Fiber fiber fiber, i think you will benefit and personally profit most from fiber purchases. a skein or two of something fun though would be fun to play with. i always like to look for a new tool or accessory as well, something unique! Your so lucky! i am on the lookout for something out our way!!

Turtle said...

oh yeah, oops. i linked to your blog to send folks your way and came from Wiknit!

Elaine said...

All the suggestions are good. I don't spin, but if I were you, I would decide which you enjoy doing more - spinning/dying/knitting.

If the first, buy fleece definitely. If the second, buy either undyed fleece or undyed yarn. If the third - you have a clean slate - buy the most beautiful, unusual things you see. This means walking around first so that you know what your options are. If there is something that you see that is just so drop-dead fabulous you know you NEED it, get it then - it may not be there by the time you return.

And I am posting this on my blog and tell my few readers to come on down.

Sharon Rose said...

Bring a ginormous bag to put stuff in. One of those mesh market bags works great. Pack lightly, though - a small camera, cash, keys, and a bottle of water. Think pockets, not purse. Practical shoes. Buy only unique stuff that really grabs you by the throat. There will be many millions of "Oooo pretty" - hold out out for the "YOWZA!" that you can't get in your LYS. But I disagree about seeing everything before buying anything. If it's perfect, grab it. You may never find it again!

Actual purchases: Get fiber, girl! Then you get to use it twice. My rule is that I never buy yarn I could spin myself. I wind up not stashing much yarn anymore. ;)

Most importantly: If you find yourself overwhelmed or frantic to See It All, remember it's supposed to be fun. Take some critter pics and eat bad food and enjoy!

Timiae said...

Thanks for all the comments and tips! I love them... I had already decided to ban all commercially-produced (big names, not the farm stuff) items that I could get at a LYS, but I hadn't thought of some of the other stuff you guys mentioned.

Breien in Lansingerland said...

Hmmm.... Sometimes I wish I could wonder around at fiber fairs... I can't imagine what to expect on fairs like that.

I took a look at your queue. Personally I think you should try this pattern...Coupling by Deb Barnhill, and you might shop for this beautiful pair of socks. Enjoy though.

Rachel O said...

I think you should pick an amount of money in advance and take only that much - it is so easy to get carried away - everyone else seems to be buying everything in sight.

Good luck this year at school!

And I found out about your contest from Elaine at elaine-knitting

morgaine24 said...

you should try the fiesta ballet yarn it is a nice soft yarn and i am making a wonderful scarf with mine. definately worth the money.

Jersey said...

Buy only what you absolutely love. If you see something you like that you think you could duplicate (or do better), take that as inspiration and go home and do it. There is tons of lovely yarn out there, but YOU don't have to own ALL of it. Go for the absolutely most special you see.

In the past I got swept up in the excitement and desire to buy and bought stuff which, while nice, was not fabulous and I regretted having squandered my yarn resources on it.

But do have lots of fun.

I came here from Elaine's blog.

Phyl said...

Visit Miss Babs and Brooks Farms!

Sarah-potterknitter said...

I love the kettle dyed sock yarn from Knitting Notions! She's Yarnmama2 on Rav. I'm planning to get a few different color of her's this year. Here from the SAFF group!

EJ said...

I found out about your contest from Elaine.

I've never been to a fiber festival, but I did go to a indie dyer's private sale with a friend and wound up buying way too much because I got sort of carried away. When my friend started buying tons of stuff, I did too - it was sort of a game. But afterwards I felt I spent way more money than I should have given that the yarn I bought was nice but not something I absolutely loved.

So to sum up - set a spending limit in advance, and don't buy because everyone else is. Since you are a spinner, buying beautiful fleece and making something really special yourself seems like a smart plan.

I saw your wood-burning frames and I think they are just wonderful - really creative!

Restless Knitter said...

Brooks Farm Yarns is a must. I wish I had bought more last year. Most of all, have fun!