Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The excitement is really starting to get to me....

I'm getting more and more excited everyday about going to SAFF. It's going to be a great trip... there's been a lot of stress and bad stuff going on for us lately, so it will be so nice to go away to the festival with just my mom. No one else. Then we'll do the Gold Rush thing at school the next day with Shawn. A great weekend that is much needed!

I printed out a copy of the vendor map and went through the list and searched for websites. I highlighted the vendors that are musts. I was good and only highlighted 31 vendors... I plan on at least browsing all of them (or as many as I can), but the highlighted ones I must spend some good time at.

Going through the Ravelry queue to try to see what all I need to buy there yarn and roving-wise. Moma doesn't want me to buy any yarn, only fiber for prepping and spinning. I plan on buying a whole lot of that, but also enough yarn for a few large projects.

A short list of what I plan on starting soon and want to get the fiber for at SAFF:

-73-24 Wrap Cardigan (DROPS Design) - probably will buy the yarn for this one.
-Hemlock Ring Blanket (Jared Flood) - fiber to spin for this one, maybe from a raw fleece or something that requires prep.
-Tree Jacket (Zephyr Style) - not sure if will go for buying the yarn or fiber to spin for it.

I'll be adding more to a list as I go.

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