Sunday, August 3, 2008

FO and WIPs

I finished the scarf for the Monochrome Scarf Swap on swap-bot. I really love it and hope that my partner will too.

Here's what's on the wheel... gray Lincoln. I carded the locks myself. My first time spinning where I just had a bag full of locks to start with! I still have a LOT of carding to do on this, but really like it and am having fun. Lincoln is so strong, but rather rough, so this is destined to become a rug for our house one day. I don't plan on plying it and will be knitting a rug with a zig-zaggy pattern, using the singles' energy to create it (knitting and purling rows).

Progress, however little, on the Monkey socks in Knit Picks Palette (Grass Green). I just picked these up again last night after a while of not touching them. It's a quick, easy, and interesting pattern. These are going to Moma for her birthday on the 14th. I should be able to finish them (I'm going back to school the 9th and don't start classes until the 21st, so have lots of free time on my hands!).

A very blurry picture of the Basketweave Socks I haven't touched in about a month. I still haven't worked on them, but thought I'd bring them out of the bag for a little photo time. I'm just about finished with the heel flaps.

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