Thursday, August 28, 2008

Meet Vinnie!

These pictures were the ones taken by the last owner and were in the ad. Isn't he handsome?!

I'm so excited to have him! Well, I don't actually have him yet. I'll be picking him up Monday so I can get all the paperwork done Tuesday morning. Shawn and I went out today to look and we liked him. Shawn was able to talk the guy down to 800.00 for him and we went ahead and paid for him and got the keys, bill of sale, and title from the guy.

Stats... Vinnie is a 1987 Ford Ranger, automatic transmission, low mileage for the age (the Santa Fe is a 2001 and has a good bit more on it than this truck), gets about 20 mpg, and runs great. The transmission was rebuilt about 10000 miles ago. Perfect interior and only a tiny dent in the front bumper. Only downside is the ac isn't working (it tries to, but doesn't) and Shawn thinks it's easily fixable.

Yay! The Santa Fe is going to my dad this weekend and Vinnie is my new baby. I'll be slowly doing things to it as I get the money... some of the more important things are to get a spray-in bedliner, get the ac worked on, and eventually get a camper shell for it. It does have some space behind the bench seat with the little sideways pull-down seat things, so I can stash stuff there if I need to. I'm so excited to have a truck and am so thankful of Shawn for buying me one!

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