Sunday, August 24, 2008

Some knitting updates...

I've cast on for a new project today...

It's $5 in Paris (ravelry link). I'm using the suggested Caron Simply Soft, in Country Blue (a nice dark navy color). I have tons of the stuff I bought when I had the crazy idea of crocheting a queen-sized blanket for Shawn and my's house oneday. No stripes like the pattern says since I only have one color and am trying to do some stashbusting and I think it would be more versatile as a solid. If this one goes well, I'll probably make Moma one also.

Still working on the Monkey. I haven't really done much else with it, but will be starting on it again tomorrow and should have it finished by next Saturday when I see Moma again. Shawn and I are going down to help her move to her new house in Zebulon. It's really cute, perfect for one person. She is moving in as my friend and old coworker, Amanda, is moving out. The landlord will let the animals come, though we are having to limit who we are bringing. The rest will stay with my father and we really need to place the Poodles. We'll be bringing Acorn (unfortunately, Rowdy isn't coming), Johnny Cash, Jo, Gideon, Eunny, Mike, Hana, Annie, Su-ni, Black Jack, Outlaw, Snoopy, Freddi the Frog, Pepper, Gabriel, and Tobasco. The koi will be coming later, once we are able to get a trough out there for them. It's a difficult move and will be a lot of work, but is definitely the best thing for everyone.

Here are some adorable pictures of my baby, Johnny Cash:

So, Johnny isn't the main thing in the picture... but look that that smile on his face! He was having fun playing with Sheila and her son (his half brother).

Here's an older picture of Johnny, taken a good while back. Isn't he handsome? I love this goofy boy and can't wait to be able to have him with me again. This summer we completed basic obedience training and he's perfect! I love training... the bond that develops is unbreakable and the relationship is so much better for everyone. You get a dog that is well-behaved and confident. Johnny is a bit protective, though, and is a little wary of some people when they get close or make threatening movements. I do not find this to be a negative... I want a dog that can stand up to someone that they need to and Johnny has a keen sense of who's Ok and who's not. A great judge of character.

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