Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Another frame for another partner

Thanks for the comments on my sheep frame! It reminded me how much I really love woodburning. I made this frame for my partner in SP 12:

She loves Calla Lilies; I hope she likes the frame!

I'm thinking of adding more to the sheep frame... I'm toying around with a few designs, but am thinking of adding 2 pine trees to the top right corner and a large wheat design (larger and smaller stalks) on the bottom left corner. It seems a little plain as it is.

Oh, I've decided to go with neither Araucania Ranco yarns for the socks... I'm going to use some handspun merino/tencel my Knittyboard swap partner sent me earlier this year. It's a really pretty turquoise semi-solid/light variegated and will be perfect for the pattern.


Elaine said...

Wow - this one is even more beautiful. I absolutely love it!

g-girl said...

it is absolutely gorgeous! i wish i had your talent! thanks for the beautiful frame and for spoiling me this sp12 round. :D