Tuesday, September 2, 2008


Seriously. I'm on a roll.

I finished the Monkey socks this weekend and they now belong to Moma. That's 3 FOs in one weekend.
Not only that, but we got Moma moved in this weekend... all but the China cabinet. That's pretty good. It's still in boxes at the house, but a lot of it is out and in its place. All the animals that she's taking with her are at the house (scrambling to round up a horse trailer... ugh. We finally got one, though) except for the outdoor dogs. They are coming as soon as we can get another fence up or the kennels moved over, whichever comes first.
The house looks great and Moma's excited. Nervous, but excited. I'm happy for her.
Vinnie is wonderful! I love my old truck. He drives so well. I got all the paperwork done today and everything. The a/c isn't working properly, but the windows down make it bearable (barely, though).
Now, for knitting news...
I'll be working mostly on the basketweave socks for a bit. I'm getting sick of having them sitting in their bag, doing nothing. I'm already planning my next sock project, to be done on dpns (I do love the 2 socks on 2 circs method, but I can't ever seem to finish a pair that way!). It's from the new Fall IK:
Knotty or Knice

I try to always buy Interweave Knits (why don't I just get a subscription?!), but have yet to make a single thing from it. I do like a lot of what's in there, but I feel like it wouldn't look right on me, I don't have the yarn, it's not a raglan, etc... So, I'm going to finally make something from it. Socks are easy and these are really pretty. I'll make them to wear to SAFF.

Now, the question of yarn. I really love Araucania Ranco and have 2 skeins to choose from in my stash:

I love this colorway. It's gorgeous. No name, so I call it Patina. I love turquoise and the other colors are just... yum.

Not the best picture, but this is a mix of dark gray and almost black. I call it Charcoal.

Which one? I'm thinking Patina. It's just colorful and I love it so. I'm wondering if the colors will obscure the pattern. I know both are going to pool, but I don't mind that. I think Charcoal would show the pattern well, but it's kind of dull and I was thinking of using it for Earl Grey socks.

Suggestions? If you like neither for these socks, suggestions for patterns for these two skeins?

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The socks are so cute!!