Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Rules for myself at SAFF

This is a thread in the SAFF group on Ravelry. I thought I might post my rules here:

1) I will include my mom in everything and try to make her happy and included. She’s going through a very rough time and I’m so looking forward to spending time with her and having a good time.
2) I have a certain amount of money that I’m taking with me and that’s all I’m spending.
3) I will not feel guilty if I spend all that money there, even though I’m only going on Saturday.
4) I will not beg my mom for a French Angora. I had them back when I was breeding and showing and knowing that I”ll have them again soon will have to be enough for now. One day,
one day….
5) I will have my list of specific projects that I will buy for first. Only after I buy for them will I buy for non-specific projects.
6) I will buy enough to make a sweater for my brother (he’s always begging).
7) I will not buy single skeins or 4 oz batches of fiber. It will have to be enough for a real project.
8) I will try my hardest not to buy a bunny ring from the jewelry lady there.
9) I will buy a fleece.
10) I will try to be social. I’m rather anti-social, but long for friendships and want to meet some of the people I’ve met here on Ravelry.
11) I’ll be wise in my purchases. I’m aiming for this to be my only day of fiber purchases for at least 6 months after. I haven’t bought anything since mid summer and am liking the huge purchases only a twice a year. Big indulgences then starvation, forcing me to use what I already have and to really plan future projects and those big buys.
12) I will not buy commercially-produced name brand yarn/fiber. I am going to buy only from independents or those that supply local fibers. No name brands for me… I’m looking forward to all the yarns/fibers that are made by small farms, independent artists, etc.
Now, the blog postings that come after SAFF will show if I followed all my rules...

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Elaine said...

What a smart set of rules and how nice that you are going with your mother. I hope she enjoys it. I'm sure spending time with you will make it special for her (I have a daughter who is also a senior in college and I can tell you how special it is for me to spend time with her, and especially when she initiates it)

The stitch marker prize came along with your card. They are lovely, and what nice things you wrote. I think you are a very special young woman.

Have a wonderful time!