Thursday, September 25, 2008

Taylor Grace's Sweater

Here's my progress on my roommate's soon-to-arrive little girl's sweater:

It's the Quick Baby Sweater (Lorraine Major's version of the 5-Hour Baby Sweater). I'm using Red Heart Super Saver in Delft Blue (yeah, I know). I have a pound of the stuff that my grandmother had hidden in her stash. It's not too scratchy and the roomie likes this color blue.

It is very quick! I've worked on it for maybe an hour so far. I really love the use of M1 increases... such a pretty pattern it's creating!

It does seem a bit small... I guess it's for a newborn. I hope to get this finished by the end of this weekend so I can work on something that's going to be a bit larger. I hate when babies get only newborn or 3-6 month sized clothes! They grow too quickly and the moms need larger clothes for them more than the itty bitty stuff.

I'm still working on the Knotty or Knice socks and am getting very close to finishing the first sock. This weekend's goals are to finish the baby sweater, the sock, and get mostly finished with the $5 shirt. I have nothing to do this weekend other than to write a short paper for my Modern World Revolutions class, so it's fiber weekend!

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