Monday, September 22, 2008


I'm exhausted.

Saturday morning, Shawn and I drove down to my mom's house (well, I drove), which is about 2 hours south of Dahlonega. We spent the day helping her move her remaining things from my dad's house (by the way, they're divorcing... I think it's the best thing). A lot of lifting, loading, driving, unloading, moving stuff around, and fighting (everyone vs my father). Very draining. We didn't finish everything until late and then my mom took us (me, Shawn, Arty, and his girlfriend, Michelle) to a nice Chinese dinner. We didn't get to bed until about 1:30 am.

That's speaking for Shawn, at least. He can pass out and that's it. Moma and I were kept awake until about 4 am by the barking dogs. We brought them all to the new house, finally, and a neighbor's dogs keep coming into our yard at night. Our Poodles sound the alarm, keeping us away. We finally went out there and crated all of them in the shed so they'd hush.

Next morning, wake up at about 9:30 and do some work around the yard, tend to the animals, get cleaned up, and then go to Walgreens for a little shopping and we then did a quick walk-through of Buggy Days (a craft show). Back to the house for a little relaxing and more work. Shawn and I left yesterday and drove up toward school, having to stop by Alpharetta on the way to drop off a puppy (who couldn't have gone to a better home!). Finally get back on campus at about 10 pm, Shawn and I part ways, then I take a shower so I CAN GO TO WORK AT MIDNIGHT! Am I insane? I was drifting off while driving there. I got off at 8 am this morning, ran to my allergist to get shots, and finally got back to school at about 10, and promptly started doing some school work. Doze off for about 15 minutes and wake up realizing that I'm going to be late for class. Rush out the door, forget everything, asked the girl beside for paper and pen, and that was that. Now I'm back in the room and can't get to sleep. Fortunately, I'm only working one day a week now, Mondays midnight to 8am, so it's not so bad on gas (just time and sleep).

Ok, enough ranting. Here's my progress on Moma's scarf:

It's coming along nicely and quickly, despite how little attention it's gotten this weekend. I showed it to her and she likes it. She really likes how it's machine-washable.

Oh, Shawn bought a Wii. I love it.

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Lupie said...

Love love the pattern!!