Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Ok, I'm bad. I just bought 8 ounces of this:

"This" would be combed merino top in ecru. I got it from CJ Kopec Creations on I came into a little bit of money (a grant came in for school and I had some left over), so thought that I might treat myself. 8 ounces, shipped to me, only cost 15.60. Can you believe that? It's a steal.

And this is a dishcloth I made for my Transportation themed dishcloth swap on It's a really simple design that I made up as I went along. It's a bicycle or a low-profile tire, take your pick.

I'm so glad I finally got that grant money in. I was able to pay for school, pay off rent through January, pay of my Walmart credit card (my only cc, to build credit), send some money to Moma for horse feed, get some cleaning stuff from Walgreens, go out to dinner twice with Shawn, get a much-needed pair of jeans from Old Navy (I'm cheap), buy enough medicine for the next month, buy a very much-needed book for one of my classes, and mail off a few things. I don't have much left, but I get my check Friday and that will help. I'm so glad to be caught up for now.

An old roommate and friend is having a baby early November. I'm unable to make the shower, but I will be seeing her when I go to SAFF (she lives in Asheville). I'm going through Ravelry, trying to find something cute to make for little miss Taylor Grace. I'm thinking the Ribbed Baby Jacket, the Sweater Dress For Babies, a Pinwheel Baby Blanket, and/or the Quick Baby Sweater. Definitely the Ribbed Baby Jacket and one other, not sure which. It depends on how much knitting time I have in the next month. Baby stuff do knit up quickly, so maybe I can get three things in...


Lupie said...

Thanks for all the free patterns I will be making The Bella Bambina.
It will keep me crocheting!

delilah said...

I like the ribbed baby jacket. I wish I was better at crochet. I would make one too. I'm only just learning!