Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Here is the Round Ripple... completed!

The colors aren't as bright/popping in real life. I'll try to get some better pictures with natural light later. I ended up using almost all the Cherry Tree Hill Supersock DK (all that I could to complete a round) and finished it with 3 rounds of Caron Simply Soft Eco in Chocolate. It's the perfect size for me on the couch or in a chair. I love it! Finally, I made an afghan. I love blankets and am so drawn to making them, but never could seem to actually do it. I'm so glad that this is finished and was so quick! It took me 12 days.

This is the Friendship Afghan. I really like how the crochet seams/edging are working out. It looks a lot neater and more stable this way. So far, I have squares from all over the USA and from Portugal. I was supposed to get some from Australia, but it looks like I have a flaker... I contacted her, so we'll see what happens. If I do get flaked on, I'll just make some for myself. No biggie (though I will put her on the naughty swappers list!).


Lupie said...

The afghan is beautiful!

Pheelya said...

The round ripple looks great!!

The Friendship afghan is such a neat idea!