Saturday, October 25, 2008

An amazing day...


SAFF was amazing. Moma and I arrived at about 0830 and waited in the car until about a quarter til, talking, drinking coffee, and I was crocheting on the Ripple afghan. We went inside and were amazed at all the goodies (and people!). We started at the top and made our way down. I didn't want to buy anything until at least making a first run-through. Of course, that lasted all of 5 minutes... my first purchase was a pair of US 7 32" circs, vintage, for 5.00. That's a steal considering that I spent 18.00 at a LYS a few weeks ago for the same thing!
I was able to pass up all the pretties for a good bit, but then started buying again. It was great fun and we really couldn't believe the number of people that flooded in around noon. The weather was nice (cool and clear) and the people were wonderful. I really enjoyed getting to meet some of the faces on Ravelry... MissBabs, Creative, and others.

Here's what we walked out with:

A book (obviously on natural dyes and dyeing!) and the vintage needles.

A wool/mohair blend, 13 ounces. It's not the cleanest roving ever, but was a good deal and the lady was really nice and excited to make a sale (I think we were the first sale of the day for her... it was my second purchase, about 7 minutes after we walked in the door!). This is going to be a pair of Feminine Gloves (from Spin-Off) and maybe a pair of matching socks or something.

These two huge bags of loose alpaca were 5.00 each. Can you believe that? Washed and picked and will be going through the drum carder this Christmas while I'm on break. They are both about a pound and a half. I bought the fawnish bag very early in the day and bought the brown on our way out the door to go back home.

4 ounces of Jacob roving I got to try out the fiber. It's really cushy and I think it's going to spin up nicely.

A little over 5 ounces each of wool roving (I think Corriedale?) in a natural brown and a really nice red. These are getting spun up to make the Naughty/Nice Scarf for Arthur for Christmas (for those that haven't seen it, the illusion scarf has the image of a pole-dancer on both ends of the scarf when viewed from an angle and is just striped when viewed straight on).

4 ounces of "domestic blend." It was in a bargain bin and there were a few in there. 2 ounce balls at 2.50 each, so I grabbed these two. I like the soft natural color and the fiber is really nice feeling. I think these will go toward a felted purse for Moma for Christmas (she requested one for Christmas and wants darker colors).

Politically Incorrect Fibers One Night Stand in "Atticus." 4 ounces, merino/corriedale blend. I got this after falling in love with the display (cushiness and color, need I say more?). I chose to pick just one as the price was a tad steep for me... I've been admiring this stuff on etsy for a while now and just had to get a bat to try out. I love the crazy and bright colors and can't wait to spin it and make something really special with it!

My big splurge, but totally worth it. This is almost a 1000 yards of laceweight 100% silk. Natural color and absolutely gorgeous. This is really special. It's going to become the scarf that Shawn and I are using in our wedding for the handbinding part. (Yep, we have our ceremony! What's being said, done, etc.) It will end up being a really long Waves of Grain scarf, with gold beads.

This is from Miss Babs. It's 4 ounces of superwash merino in a really pretty peachy-purple colorway. It was a last minute grab as we were making a final round toward the door.

Another Miss Babs. This was in the 50% off bin, not entirely sure why. About 500 yards of fingering weight yarn, perfect as far as I can tell. It may be a mistake color or just a final skein from a discontinued color... not sure and, honestly, I couldn't care less. At 9.50, it was mine. It's an odd color... kind of a greyish-lilac. Pretty, though.

Mmmmm..... This is from the wonderful Creatively Dyed studio! I knew that I wanted to make a stop by the booth and get something. I ended up getting these 2 skeins of fingering weight yarn in the "King" colorway, both are 500+ yards. I love love love her stuff! She's a really nice lady and Moma and I really enjoyed talking to her. This was purchased to be made into Kaleidoscope, a cardi using sock yarn. But, now i find that I misread the pattern... it calls for SPORT weight yarn. However, I think I can make it work and it will end up being some sort of non-sock garment (too pretty to be hidden in shoes!). Such talent here and she sold out at Rhinebeck last weekend.

3 pounds of wool blend roving from Zeilinger Wool Co.. Really pretty colors in this. It will get spun up into a worsted weight yarn to be used for either the Minimalist Funnel Neck pullover or the Tree Jacket.

Ok, that was my stuff. Here's what fibery goodness my mom walked away with:

Both of these are from Miss Babs. My mom found a clearance bin with 3 skeins of a cotton/rayon blend, 300 yards each. She snatched these 2 up and asked if they were a good deal at 5.00 each. Literally a moment after she said that, people turned around and dashed toward the bin. The fastest one snatched up the last skein. It was crazy. My mom just held on tight to these two and knew that she had to get them! They match well (the solid isn't as drab in real life) and she wants to make some sort of lacy cardi with them. I'll be searching Ravelry for a pattern that calls for 600 yards that isn't a shrug or cropped.

A little over an ounce of random fiber locks for needlefelting. My mom became fascinated watching someone needlefelt a tiny wreath Christmas tree ornament and wanted to give it a try. I had a set of needles and gave them to her tonight along with some fiber scraps left over from carding. She's going to try it out and see how it goes.

That's the fiber-related stuff we got today. Non-fibery and not pictured are a handmade pottery soap dish (with a sheep on it!) and handmade oatmeal soap (smells and looks good enough to eat) for Michelle for Christmas, a handmade pottery oil lamp thing (really pretty) that I got for my dad for Christmas, and 2 handmade shampoo bars (one each for Moma and me). I also bought a cute ornament, but it got dropped while we were unloading everything and it broke. It's easily fixed, though, as it was just a clear glass ball ornament with red and white fiber inside. I saved the fiber and will be getting a replacement ball from Michael's or something. Shawn and I have a tradition of getting each other an ornament every Christmas and this was his this year. He saw it when it broke, but that's Ok. We do this so that we will have something to put on our first tree together.

It was a really great time today, but we are glad to be home. It was tiring walking around and taking it all in. I think we made 4 trips to the car to drop stuff off in order to get more!

We ran through the alpaca barn and my mom was wanting one really bad. She had never even seen a picture of one before and was in love when she saw them. She also wanted to get some angora rabbits, but I decided to wait until May to get some... I'll be home then and can do the grooming. I know she doesn't want grooming duty until May! We didn't see the sheep (we looked for them) and only saw one goat. I wish that I had gotten a picture of this little thing... I have been around a lot of goats and have had my fair share of babes born under my care, but I have never seen one so tiny. I swear it was about the size of our 4 lb Yorkie girl, Eunny. So sweet. There isn't a cuter thing that God created than a baby goat.
Shawn was glad that I had a good time with my Christmas gift and I had fun showing everything off to him. I love that he's so supportive of my hobbies/loves and that he does his best to be interested.

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So much beautiful yarn! Makes me wish I could spin. Have fub with all that now won't you?