Monday, October 6, 2008

Another FO!

I got the Fan Scarf finished for Michelle. It was a really quick and fun knit. The yarn was perfect for it... I love how the colors came out. Toward the end I did start get get a few solid burgandy fans, but it's still pretty. Here's a picture of it blocking (partially, at least. I will block the last little bit tomorrow after the rest dries):

See the mistake in the top picture, toward the left that's blocking? I connected a fan in the wrong place, so it's a little lopsided. I thought I messed up while I was knitting it, but it was about 4 am when I did and definitely did not feel like really checking to make sure. Oh well. Michelle probably won't notice (though I'll probably point it out to her) and she loves anything handmade, so I think she'll still like and use it. Arthur said she'd like it when I showed it to him this weekend.

This is my progress on the Little Arrowhead Shawl. It's such a quick and fun pattern! These pics show the true color of the yarn, which is such a treat to work with. Bamboo is slippery, but it's really not that bad. I've been knitting loosely and it's really been great. I plan on spinning up some more this week and will be plying some of it. I bet it's going to be really pretty plied up.

Oh, and I won a contest! I'm getting "a box of yarny goodness" from Sunset Knitter! She said that she'll have a picture on her blog of what she's sending before it goes out in the mail. How exciting!

Also, my upstream from Secret Pal 12 (info for round 13 can be found HERE) sent my final package last Tuesday! It wasn't in the mail today, so I'll probably get it tomorrow.


Tekgirl said...

Beautiful- I love the fan scarf vand the colours are just to die for. Now where on earth can I get the pattern for that from please?

Timiae said...

That's the link. It's actually for a crocheted bookmark, but I used larger yarn/hook to make it a scarf.

Thanks for the comment!

I read on your profile that you're a knitter, but this is a really easy crochet pattern if you'd like to learn!