Wednesday, October 1, 2008


I can't get to sleep, so have spent the past few hours spinning up some of the bamboo. I think the insomnia is coming from the steriods I'm on (it's a side-effect that I've had before) for severe allergies. I've had some really bad reactions lately.

Doc said yesterday I still have that sinus infection from JULY. It never really went away and is causing some allergy issues. A regular doctor treated me for the sinusitis in July, not fully understanding my allergies/allergic people. Apparently, people with allergies like mine tend to get those types of infections (I had bronchitis in July as well) and they linger forever. So, I'm on 12 days of steriods, 21 days of antibiotics, and mucinex, as well as my normal daily doses of Singulair, Doxepin, and Zyrtec. Oh, and weekly allergy shots. Fun to be me, right? I'm allergic to all trees (except birch), all grasses, all weeds, oranges, peas, all melons, bananas, strawberries, raw carrots (cooked are Ok), dust, and we think I may have developed a seafood allergy (not sure what yet, though... hope it's not crab!).

Anyway, I chose to spin up the 4 ounces of the Summer Shades colorway to try getting balanced singles. It was my least favorite of the 3 colorways. I did it! Sort of. I got the most balanced singles I've gotten so far and it's pretty good. Just a few areas of twisting back on itself. It's about heavy fingering/light dk weight (with a few slightly thick-n-thin areas where I was watching tv and not my spinning). Yardage... well, my niddy noddy is about 63.5 inches with one wrap-around (my brother pulled off one end, so I glued it back in and it wasn't at the same angle as before). I got 190 wrap-arounds. 63.5 inches = 5.29 feet = 1.76 yards x 190 = 335.13 yards. Not too bad, huh? So, about 335 yards, give or take. It'll get a bath tomorrow and I think I may try the branching out scarf. Not sure. Anyway, here are pictures, right off the wheel:

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Lupie said...

So so beautiful!!! I wish I could spin.