Thursday, October 2, 2008

Christmas Crocheting

I've started on a scarf for my brother's girlfriend, Michelle, for Christmas...

It's actually a pattern for a bookmark (pattern link), but I'm using heavier weight yarn and a larger hook for make a scarf. This pattern is wonderful! I think it's becoming a favorite very quickly... it's really easy, interesting, easily remembered, and oh-so-quick. The yarn is my handspun singles... South African Fine in the Romance colorway (purchased from I love how the color is coming out. I thought I had put too much twist in this singles when I spun it this summer, but I guess I didn't. It's coming out very nicely, even when exposed to humidity (I tested it by putting it in the bathroom while I took a hot shower).

I'm much farther along than in this picture, taken last night. I'm now up to the 12th fan and it's over a foot long.

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