Thursday, October 30, 2008


The colors are richer in real life, but this is my Bird in the Hand mitten. It's my first time knitting mittens and my first time doing real colorwork. I thought that I would hate it, but I'm actually really loving it and am already dreaming up other stranded colorwork projects (I think I'll be designing a pair of mittens for Arty, maybe... The Knit notebook I got from Pheelya will be great for this! I used to design my own cross-stitch patterns, so this can't be too different from that).

These are going really fast. I cast on yesterday afternoon and have been working on them sporadically. I'm using Wullenstudio Superwash Merino Sock in Lipstick on my Collar and Araucania Ranco Solids in 107... I hate when colorways are numbered and not named, so I named it Charcoal. Not very original, but it's better than 107.

Today is 2 years that Shawn and I have known each other... we met when a mutual friend sat with my roommate and me at chow. Shawn was with him and sat across from me. I was immediately drawn to him and kept looking at him (I tried not to, but he was right there in front of me!). He later said that he noticed I kept glancing at him. That was going to be that, but we literally ran into each other almost everyday after that and this is where we are now! We both started coming to NGCSU (our school) fall of 2005 and never met until a year later. I had broken up with my last boyfriend of over a year the day before Shawn and I met (trust me, though, I was over him about 5 months before I got the guts to break it off)... Good timing, huh?

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Lupie said...

My oldest daughter met her husband through friends and my younger daughter met her husband online.
Both are very happy. I think both ways you get to meet a person with common interests. My husband and I met in high school 35 years ago. And they said it wouldn't last!