Friday, October 17, 2008

I can't help it

I cast on for another project and this time is a big one. I've started a crocheted blanket, the Round Ripple Afghan (pattern link). I'm using Cherry Tree Hill Supersock DK in variegated earth tones. It has short color runs, so is making an interesting pattern. I won the yarn in a blog contest a while back. I have just over 1000 yards and plan on going until I run out of yarn.

The pattern is really easy, though I did have some trouble in the beginning. The pattern doesn't specify which stitch to crochet into at some points and it took some figuring out by looking at pictures on Ravelry and going from there. Also, round 3 is wrong and it took looking at pictures to get it right. This will be a couch blanket for Shawn and me oneday.

It's really quick and good for tv knitting. The pattern just repeats itself over and over and over until you want to quit.

Here's my progress on the SAFF socks (Knotty or Knice socks):

I am almost to the heel on the second sock. This picture is really flashy and the colors are much darker in real life. The cables are gorgeous! I really love this pattern and it's so quick. I'm going sans cable needle, as usual. Much less fiddley. I have the first sock on waste yarn for fear of running out of yarn, but it looks like I'll have enough to make the legs longer, which I really prefer on handknit socks. The pattern doesn't call for a traditional cuff (the pattern is ribbed anyway), but I'll be adding a cuff, maintain the twisted/regular rib pattern up for at least 10-15 rows. Without the cuff, it looks like the sock was either cut off or the knitter just lost interest and ended it where it was. I think it will look more finished with a cuff.

OH, did I mention that Shawn and I picked our wedding date?!? It's November 13, 2009. It's Friday the 13th, but that's Ok. We planned it for that date because it's the Friday before Thanksgiving... Shawn will still be in school then and doesn't want to miss too much class for the honeymoon. This way he'll only miss 2 days since he has off for Thanksgiving break anyway. We'll just do our first Thanksgiving as a married couple alone, on our honeymoon. We are starting to plan a little, but don't know yet where we want to have the wedding/reception (other than we know we want them at the same place). Until we decide that we really can't get too much of the real planning done, but are thinking about cakes, my dress (Moma is making it), food, music, etc. The colors are white (of course), dark red (like garnet), and gold. I want an outdoor ceremony, but that's not 100% yet. Just depends on where we want to have it (hopefully around Dahlonega somewhere...). I have the yarn for my wedding Clapotis (wrap-sized) already and will be casting on for that probably around Christmas. I plan on adding pearls and gold beads to the dropped stitch spaces.


~ Phyllis ~ said...

Congratulations. That's wonderful. I know it will be a lovely wedding. You'll have plenty of time to make all the plans and not be rushed
Love the socks that you are knitting. I'll be anxious to see your clapotis when you cast on.

Turtle said...

the projects look great! huge congrats on your wedding date.

Lupie said...

You will have so much fun planning the wedding! My daughters got married a years apart so we had years of planning. Just don't let the little things stress you out. It goes so fast you will miss the joy the wedding and planning can give you.
I love Cherry Tree Hill yarn the afghan will be awesome.
The blanket is coming out so beautiful. I'm just not good with lace.
I love the socks. I have never made socks with a pattern. I must try someday.

Anonymous said...

Congrats on picking a date! Wedding planning is very time consuming, but fun. My advice as a recently married person is to give yourself enough time to plan everything. Also, don't forget to enjoy yourself!