Wednesday, October 22, 2008


I had a good mail day today...
Here are more squares for my Friendship Afghan. Aren't they beautiful? She really put a lot of time into these and sent some beautiful handmade stitchmarkers as well.

My final SP 12 package! My swap partner, Pheelya, was wonderful. She sent me some really nice stuff:

-A cute classic Batman card. I love Batman and this was just too cute.
-A Knit Journal that is amazing... it has so many features and even includes a guide for yardage required for different items depending on yarn weight, garment size, etc. This is so wonderful!!! I really love this. It's so nice!
-4 dpn tubes. I definitely needed these. Remember how Shawn sat on my size 2 KP dpns and broke one?
-The Shop on Blossom Street, by Debbie Macomber. Yay! I had this on my Amazon wishlist. I love knit novels. Can't wait to get started on it.
A pack of needle holders that have antique shamrock charms. I haven't seen these before. I know they'll get lots of use!
-A pack of Easter grass. This will get incorporated into some of my handspun.
Frog Tree merino. I've long-lusted for Frog Tree yarn! It's sooo soft.
-Wullenstudio superwash sock yarn in the Lipstick on my Collar colorway. Gorgeous yarn... soft, beautiful color, and I love the name of the colorway!
-A Hello! Ravelry button. Much wanted and great timing since I'll be going to SAFF this Saturday!
-The cutest dinosaur tape measure. Adorable! I love dinosaurs and this is really great since I recently misplaced my old measure!
-2 packs of sticky notes, one pack is T-shaped (for Timiae!) and the other is a set of three with marine life. I love stationary and use post-its all the time. These are just too cute!
-A set of KP metal dpns, size 4. Thanks so much for these! I'm forever lacking the right sized dpns and it's nice to be able to add to the collection (in a size that I don't have!).

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