Tuesday, October 28, 2008

NaBloPoMo and WIPS

I've decided to participate in nablopomo... I'll be posting every day in November (or attempt to, at least). I'm usually good about posting, but would like to make it a daily or every other day thing. Just hope that I have enough to talk about!

This is my most recent WIP. It's the Eyelet Skirt in Cascade 220. I'm calling it When in doubt, wear red. I love wearing red... it's so bold and looks good on just about anyone, anytime. I'm doing a few mods to the pattern since I'm short (5'2")... I found another Raveler that is my height and I like how hers turned out. I'm shortening it overall, omitting the triple yo row, and doing a different ending than the pattern calls for. Shawn's unsure about the color, wondering what top I would wear with it. He's the typical guy when it comes to color... if it isn't the color of a tree, he is iffy on it.

I've also been working on the Friendship Afghan from swap-bot.com. I have 35% of my squares. I was just stitching them together, but decided to take it apart and single crochet them together and add a single crochet edge to it. I like it so much more. I'll post a picture tomorrow.

I'm thinking of starting a pair of mittens using the Wullenstudio sock yarn I got from my SP and some other solid fingering weight yarns. It's A Bird in the Hand. This will be my first attempt at color knitting... I plan on using the variegated Wullenstudio yarn (colorway Lipstick on my Collar) for the background (black in the picture on the pattern) and a solid for the rest. I'll be picking the 2 solid colors from the stash or may be spinning it up, depending on what I find.

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