Sunday, October 5, 2008


The Ziggy Lace Scarf:
Sorry for the flashy picture... it's dark out and the lighting in the house is awful. It's now scarf-length, but I think I want to double it, or at least add another quarter to the length.

The Fan Scarf:

Again, flashy picture. And it's all bunched up. This will look so good after blocking! It's about halfway finished now. I think I'm just going to crochet until I run out of yarn.

The Little Arrowhead Shawl:

It's really coming along! Such a nice pattern and I'm really loving bamboo. I wasn't able to capture much of the detail in the picture, but I'll try for better pics later, when the sun is out. I like the colors, also... it's not as jumbly in real life and the pattern isn't obscured by the color changes.

SAFF is in 3 weeks! I'm too excited about this! We will be looking for angoras/pygoras and a lamb while there!!!
I'm so looking forward to this month... this weekend I'm at my mom's (we finished moving the rest of the stuff and I'm so glad to be finished with the drama (today was... well, kind of ridiculous! I may post more on that later, I may not). Next weekend is a long 3-day one. Friday is fall break (our oh-so-generous school is giving us a full day off). No plans other than hanging out with Shawn and getting some fiber time in. Then the following weekend is Gold Rush in Dahlonega... a HUGE craft show. I love those things and this one has the best gyros and the best lemonade (JoJo's Lemonade!). Last year there was a booth with knitted scarves (for 90.00!). Then, the following weekend is SAFF! And, the 30th is the anniversary of the day that Shawn and I met (2 years ago!).

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