Monday, October 27, 2008

Spinning, FO, and a new frame

I've been working on a little of my SAFF spinning today...

This is some of the natural brown roving I bought for my brother's Christmas scarf. I bought just over 5 ounces and this is what I have to show after about 3 hours of spinning (not straight, but on and off). I still have a good bit of spinning to do. It's going to be a 2-ply. I LOVE how this is spinning up... I'm so used to smooth and slick merino, it was a bit of a surprise to work with a fiber that is so textured and sproingy! It's going to be a lovely cushy yarn. I wish I had bought the rest of what the lady had for sale. It's so pretty and would've made a gorgeous pullover. It's actually a little bit darker in real life (flashy picture, as usual!).

A tawashi cloth I made this weekend for a swap partner on swap-bot. It's my first one and I really like it! It's done up in some stash Red Heart acrylic, so that it's really scrubby. I'll be making another one in a different pattern in cotton for the partner also.

Not the best picture, but this is my most recent woodburning project. It's a frame for my Color Swap pal on Ravelry. Pansies with Isaiah 40:8 at the bottom (The grass withers and the flowers fall, but the word of God stands forever). I love this and wanted to keep it for myself, but am sending it to my partner that I made it for. I think she'll love it. My package is going out Tuesday morning.
I've edited the SAFF post below with the fiber content/yardages of everything I couldn't remember.

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