Monday, October 20, 2008

Still trucking

I'm still working on the ripple afghan and it's coming along nicely. I needed a good tv/mindless project and this is definitely it. Not too boring, but definitely easy. I love how quick crocheting is... I keep thinking about how long it would have taken to do a knitting project of the same size! It's about 30 inches in diameter right now. I have about 400 yards of yarn left and I'm hoping that I can get another 30 inches or so out of it. If it ends up being smaller than I want, I'll find some matching solid in another yarn to add more size.

I'm also still working on the SAFF Knotty or Knice Socks. I haven't been going at them in one sitting, but am doing a few rounds here and there. I hope to get some real sock time in the week so I can have them all finished up by Friday, ready to wear Saturday morning to SAFF!

Speaking of which, I am sooo excited! Shawn and I are going Wednesday to draw the money out. I have the to-buy-for pattern list almost ready to go (just need to get all the info on a single sheet of paper!)...

-Rusted Root: fiber to spin, though may go with yarn if I find the right stuff
-Tree Jacket: fiber to spin
-Kaleidoscope: yarn, hopefully from Creatively Dyed
-Minimalist Funnel Neck: fiber, possibly yarn (though probably not)
-Naughty/Nice Scarf: fiber or yarn, depends on what I find (this is a Christmas gift for Arty)
-Coupling: fiber to spin
-BFF Socks: yarn
-Treads: fiber to spin (these are going to be a surprise for Shawn, to wear at our wedding!)
-Northern Dreams Pullover: yarn, most likely

Those are the patterns. Some of them I'm definitely buying for, others are if I find what I'm looking for and have the money. I do plan on getting things without projects in mind also and really hope to find some good circs/dpns. I can't wait to get there and see everything! Moma said that I can get a sheep or a goat or something, so maybe there will be something affordable...

This weekend was Gold Rush, Dahlonega's yearly giganto craft show. Half the town gets shut down and there's a sea of people. Literally. There are people that come from other states and even out of country to hit this thing. I've been every year since 2004 and it's never any different as far as attendance. There is always neat stuff, but I never really buy anything. The past 2 years a lady comes with her crocheted hats and they fly off the shelves. I think they're priced at about 12.00 each and they are all fun fur or some other novelty yarn. People can't get enough of them. I'm really wanting to knit/crochet a few things and hit a few craft shows to see how they do. Baby items, pet items, hats, scarves, etc. I saw a booth with a bunch of simple crocheted baby blankets and cloth blankets with crocheted borders that was doing very well. One person bought 6 of them for his grandchildren. Not sure how they were priced, though. People don't want to pay what something is worth and it's sad. They want everything for nothing and I just don't work like that.

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