Sunday, October 12, 2008

Weekend recap

This was a really nice weekend. We had Friday off from class ("Fall Break") and Shawn and I went to Gainesville to pick up my check, ate Mexican food for lunch, and then ran over to Discover Mills (a mall) and to H-Mart (Korean store) where we bought a few things and ate dinner. I bought some shoes at the mall and I really like them. I've been wanting to get some flats that show off socks well...I got them at Ross for 14.00! Not too bad, huh? I think they're cute and can't wait to wear them with handknit socks. They're a half size too big, but they'll be perfect with handknit socks (which are much thicker than the thin things bought at Walmart!).

I also got this shirt from the mall:

It was 6.00! Steve and Barry's was having a huge sale (100 stores are closing and they're making room for the excess inventory). It's from Amanda Byrne's (spelling?) line, Dear. I love it! I'll be wearing it to SAFF. Here's a close-up:

Then we had Squishy's birthday party:

They had strawberry swirl cheesecake to celebrate. Sorry, no pictures of Crunchy... it's so difficult to photograph pink-eyed whites (albinos)! But, you do have 2 cute pics of Squishy the birthday boy and of Smoochy (caught red-handed trying to bury cheesecake in my bed).

Saturday, we ate brunch at Waffle House and went to Dawsonville to watch An American Carol. It was funny, but not as good as I thought that it would be. I did like the musical bit with the college professors. Afterwards we went back to campus and Shawn worked on his car a bit and I spun some of the merino I got from CJ Kopec Creations. Then we went to Chinese for dinner.
Today is relaxing day. I have to work tonight so wanted to take it easy. Shawn and I watched Blade: Trinity, Lemony Snickets, and Corpse Bride. I knit a repeat on the bamboo shawl and finished spinning up the merino for my swap pal (Color Swap on Ravelry). Then I dyed it with Kool-aid:
This is my first time using Kool-aid and I really like it. It's quick, easy, safe, cheap, and the results are really nice. The picture shows the color pretty true to real life (the white spots are where the sun is hitting it from the window). I have about 200 yards of singles here, about dk weight. I fulled it lightly. It will be going to my swap pal, along with other goodies.
So far for my pal I have: the above yarn, 2 skeins of Patons SWS in a pinkish colorway, the fingerless mitts (finished yesterday night), a pretty dark pink journal, 2 pencils with cherries on them, and I plan on getting her a pattern for a cute bag from Knitch (an Atlanta yarn store), a set of dpns, those new M&Ms with raspberry, and something from SAFF (maybe the yarn to make the bag?).

I only have 2 wips! The bamboo shawl and my socks. I don't think that I'll be starting anything new until I finish the socks (hopefully finished by this weekend).

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Lupie said...

The shoes are so cute!
My daughters would love your little pets.
The shirt is just perfect!
The kool aid yarn came out great.