Saturday, November 29, 2008

Charity Hats Finished

I am finished making hats for charity. I've finished the 7 and have sent 3 already. 10 total and I'll be making a few for local homeless people. These were fun and I love that the homeless in Illinois will be warm in style! These 7 will be going in the mail Monday or Tuesday.

This is a close-up of my last hat... I'm not too much for the stripes, but I really love the stitching I did on it. When you put the hat on with the "seam" (beginning of rounds) to the back, the design rests on the right side of the head, starting around the back of the eye.

Now I can really get on the Christmas knitting and my scarf. I only have my brother's gift let to make and it's nearly halfway finished. I showed it to him on Thanksgiving... I can't keep a secret when it comes to gifts and he already told me my gift (A Lot of Plankton... Spongebob-themed sea monkeys!). He wanted to see his and he loves it. I also showed him the camera bag.

I'll be starting a pair of simple garter stitch (maybe stockinette, haven't decided) fingerless mitts in the remaining yellow Malabrigo I have. I'll cast on either tonight or tomorrow.

Friday, November 28, 2008

The Fill-in

1. My stomach is full!
2. A little bit of everything is what I ate the most of on Thursday.
3. The yard needs to be fenced in, but it's getting there!
4. Outside is where I'd rather be at any given time.
5. The smell of moth balls reminds me of Korea or my grandmother's house (she's Korean). They love moth balls for some reason.
6. A million dollars is what I need right now!
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to going to the chicken sale, tomorrow my plans include riding horses, and, Sunday, I want to get back to school, see Shawn (yay!), and do a bit of school work.

I knit another hat and Moma made 2 for me and I'm halfway through another, making 7 hats to send Monday to Irisheyes (10 total that have been made!). I may be able to get through another one or two this weekend. I had 2 more, but Arty and Michelle each took one when they came over yesterday.

I've started back up on the Naughty/Nice Scarf for Arty and have been working here and there on my biased garter stitch handspun scarf.

We gave the crocheted scarves to the neighbor girls and they love them!

Thursday, November 27, 2008


We had a good Thanksgiving. My father called me this morning and we actually had a good conversation without fighting or meanness. Moma made a big meal and Arty and Michelle came over. We stuffed ourselves! We watched some TV and talked, then went out to play with Partner, Arthur's mostly Lab that is living at my mom's house because he can't stay in Arthur and Michelle's apartment. He's very aggressive toward other dogs and strangers, so is a liability in a multiple-family living place. He's such a sweet and smart boy to those that he knows, though. He's just very territorial and protective, not trusting strangers. He's having to stay in a run, which we hate doing, but Arthur comes over during the week to let him run and play.

Arty and Michelle had to leave to go her mom's house for dinner and my mom went to take my dad a plate of food. I've just been hanging out here, knitting some and watching the House marathon (Dr. House is so sexy... I would so marry him).

A good day and I'm glad that we were all able to have a good Thanksgiving. Shawn went to his family's house and did the Thanksgiving thing with them today.

The thing that I am most thankful for? The newest development in my allergies. The cream the doc gave me last week made me better and my talk with him Tuesday was great... my symptoms were coming mostly from a contact allergy. I stopped using all lotions, hair mousse, face wash, etc and only used shampoo and body wash. I didn't take my meds per doc's orders and only did the steroid cream once a day for a week. Apparently, I'm allergic to my face wash or the Clinique Moisturizer stuff, or both. The only problem I had all week was regular seasonal allergy stuff... sneezing, itchy throat, etc. Much welcomed compared to my usual swollen face!

I use the cream as needed, take only ONE Zyrtec a day (as compared to the Zyrtec, Doxepin, Singulair, and 4-5 Benedryls a day I was on), and stay away from lotions and the like. I now am using only baby shampoo/lotion/wash and so far, so good. I am beyond thrilled about this and, with the allergy shots (for the next 4 years) and staying away from things I'm allergic to, I should be good to go. Thank God that we have this thing figured out and I can begin to feel normal again.

FO and My Babies

Here's scarf number two for the neighbor girls...

It's in Patons Classic Wool Merino (same stuff as the mocassins, from my Color Swap pal).

Here are more of my babies... I know it's been a little animal heavy lately, but I'm home right now and missed all my critters.

Josie is on the arm of the chair, her usual perch. She's my mom's insane JRT (Jack Russell Terrier (or, Terror, as I say) mix who suffers severe separation anxiety when my mom's away. Gideon, my Daschund/Chihuahua mix, is on the chair, about to fall asleep in this pic. The thing on the floor with with lamp on it is Pepper, my Bearded Dragon (lizard), in her travel cage.

This is Black Jack, my 16-year-old mutt. I got her when I was 9 years old... it will be 13 years in March. She's very old and is mostly deaf and cataracts make her vision weak, but she's still going strong and has no other serious health problems. She does have a few fatty tumors (not dangerous and common in older dogs) and is losing some condition in her hindlegs, but still loves long walks and playing with me in the yard. I love this girl and will be one sad person when she finally goes to Heaven (I'm praying that she makes it to next November, so she can attend my wedding).

Rowdy Romance, aka Rowdy or just Ro. He's my 8-year-old Quarter Horse gelding. Moma bought him for me as a very green 3-yo stud, broke just enough to run him down the dirt roads (he came from a horse trader that is big in backyard racing). He cost just 400.00. I finished up his training and he was such a wonderful stud... I could ride him with any other horse without problems. I bred him and have his daughter, Acorn, who I couldn't get a good pic of today. I had him cut and he's a big lazy boy. I go to him when I want a fun, easy ride or for beginner riders.

This picture makes me laugh. One of the Yorkie boys was passed out last night and was sleeping like this. Precious!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Poodle Pups!

The boys (yes, three, not two!)...

The girls (the second pup down looks reddish, but it's just poor lighting)...

Aren't they precious? I know Yorkies are the hot thing right now and people love them, but I must say that the Poodles make so much better pets and are way cuter. Of course, I am biased... the Standards are my absolute favorite breed and I'm more of a big-dog girl.
Though white spots aren't desireable in the show ring, we can't help but love those white toes on the last female! We breed dogs to be wonderful companions and/or working animals, so spots aren't as big a concern for us than breeders who strive to produce that conformationally perfect animal for the showring.

Yorkie Pups!

As promised, here are pictures of the little Yorkie babies...

The two available boys. One is a little larger than the other, but both are so small!

All three babies together. The one on the right, crawling over her brothers, is the little girl we are keeping. Her name is M&D Kept In My Heart, kennel name "Kia."

At the milk counter. A very popular place right now!


Pretty, no?

I finished it yesterday night. It will be going to one of the neighbor's little girls this week. I've already started on another one in the same Patons wool that the mocassins are done up in. The third will be in red Cascade 220 Superwash (apparently).

I love this scarf. I want to keep it for me! I'll definitely be making me one in Malabrigo (it is true what they say about it!).

I used one and just a little bit of a second skein (I only had 3 rows left when I ran out of skein one). The scarf is long enough to throw behind my shoulder once, so will be perfect on the little girls next door.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Oh well

So, I missed yesterday's post. But, it's only about 0100, so I didn't miss it by much.

I do have a good excuse, though. I was up late Sunday night writing up a Design The Revolution project and ended up finishing it this afternoon. As soon as that was finished, I started on a research paper for my War & Society in America class on the negative effects of WWI and WWII regarding women in the United States. I'm still writing it, but am taking breaks here and there. It's actually due at 11pm today, but I didn't want to have to do it at home (Yay! Thanksgiving break begins tomorrow!).

I have 4 WIPs right now. More than I'd like, but that's the way it goes sometimes. 3 of them are scarves! I love to make scarves and love to wear them, but feel like I can have too many (though I really doubt that). I'm working on my bias garter stitch scarf for me (it's boring), the pole dancer scarf hasn't been touched in a while (need to get on that!), and I started another scarf while working on the research paper (the other wip is a crocheted earflap hat for charity).

The edges aren't actually so rough as the picture makes it look. Blocking will fix all that. It's the Tulip Scarf, with rows of double crochet added in. Some people can't knit without mods to a pattern; I can't seem to crochet without my own slant on it. The yarn is Malabrigo Worsted in Pollen that I bought at the beginning of summer (I have 2 skeins, but hope to use only one on the scarf). No plans on who's getting this... it may go to one of the little girls that lives next to my mom. I need to make 3 hats or scarves or something for the girls since the family has been so kind to my mom (bringing her food since she's on temporary lay-off). The girls are so sweet and really love all the critters in the small pasture between their house and ours.

Sunday, November 23, 2008


I was so disappointed by the unfeltable Cascade 220 slippers (I know I didn't get superwash!), I had to make another pair right away. This is the Crocheted Moccasin pattern (Ravelry link), heavily modified to my liking. The pattern would have been way too big for Moma; it's for an 11" circumference near the top edge of the upper part... we have about a 9" circumference at the widest point, right near the leg.

I ended up making the sole to fit, adding increases for the wide part of the foot near the toes and decreased accordingly for the toe. Decreased the heel more than called for and made it taller. The upper flap is completely different and is decreased appropriately for the shape of the foot. I slip stitched them on rather than sewing. No fringe. Sole done with yarn held double. Everywhere else it's one strand singley. I did a sc edge around the sides with yarn held double and did slip stitch embroidery with the doubled around at the top edge of the upper flap.

They are still a tad bit, so I will be felting them to fit. I know Patons Classic Wool Merino felts. if these don't felt, I give up on slippers. I'll be handfelting because they only need to shrink down a little. I'll try to get to that tomorrow. I'll be adding some sort of embroidery or something on the uppers.

Sherbet Floats

Shawn and I love ice cream, but have decided to go for sherbet instead from now on... a little less bad for you. I thought that it would make a wonderful float. We like to get the Lime flavored Sam's Choice Pure American waters and used them with the sherbet. I got peach and he got orange and they taste wonderful with the lime water! And not too bad for you either... the worst thing we could find in the ingredients is corn syrup, which isn't really all that bad. The flavored water has zero calories and the sherbet has 110 per serving. Delicious and light. It would also be great with gingerale instead of the lime water.
Here's a better picture of the Targhee/Angelina spinning I've been doing. It should get finished today.

Saturday, November 22, 2008


This is what I began spinning last night... not the best pic, but it'll do for now (I hope to finish the spinning and have a natural light picture tomorrow). It's some Targhee roving with a pinch of Angelina thrown in. I got both (as well as a nice sampler of other fibers for carding) from my pal in the Fibery Goodness swap on Ravelry. This is an ounce or so, I think. The Angelina was in the same bag and got mixed in a little, so I've been adding a little to it throughout to make it even. This is my first time working with Targhee and it's sooo sproingy! Very squishy. It's going to be a roughly worsted weight 2-ply when I'm finished. Not sure what to do with it, but I'm thinking of making them into cuffs for some mitts of some sort. We'll see.

Other than that, not much fibery stuff going on here. I've been crocheting on and off (working on a ear-flap hat) and doing a row here and there on my biased garter stitch scarf. The pole dancer illusion scarf is in a very short hibernation for now.
The pups are all doing well and everyone has their tails docked and dewclaws removed now (Poodles yesterday, Yorkies today). Normally I do this, but Michelle (Arthur's girlfriend, who is also a vet tech like Arty and me (though we aren't actively working as techs right now and she is)) did it since I was away.

Friday, November 21, 2008

More puppies!

M&D Eun ("Eunny," bottom pic) had her first litter yesterday night! The father is J.C.'s Brock of Millwood ("Brock," top pic), who was a proven sire before this breeding and belongs to an old neighbor. Both parents weigh between 4 and 5 lb.
There are 3 pups... a little girl and 2 little boys. We'll be keeping the girl (probably to be named M&D My Very Own, "Misu") and the 2 boys will be available, ready to go to new homes January 8.
Yorkie babies are so sweet!

The Fill-In

1. The last band I saw live was Reliant K, with Red Jumpsuit Apparatus as the opening band.
2. What I look forward to most on Thanksgiving is food and family.
3. My Christmas/holiday shopping is non-existent this year. All gifts are handmade this time around due to being broke.
4. Thoughts of a break from school fill my head.
5. I wish I could wear all the cute stuff I see on taller people... I love being 5'2", but a lot of clothes make me look even shorter. Oh, and a size 2 would be nice also!
6. Bagpipes are the best instrument for playing Amazing Grace. My school has a bagpipe team (kilts and everything)... so tempting to take a peek to see if it's true!
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to just relaxing, tomorrow my plans include hanging out with Shawn, and, Sunday, I want to lazy around and get some fiber time in and do a Revolutions project! It's been a long and rough 2 weeks (lots of papers/projects due).

Thursday, November 20, 2008

More Hats

Ok, I know I'm boring you with hat pictures, so this will be the last until I am all hatted out and have a bunch of them. These are the 4 that I've made since mailing the other 3.

The top left is my favorite pattern so far. It's the Beanie.


M&D Lucy In The Sky W. Diamonds ("Lucy") had her first litter yesterday morning by M&D The Man In Black ("Johnny Cash")! It was Johnny's first litter as well.

There are 4 black females, 1 cream/apricot female (we'll know for sure as she gets more fur), and 2 black males. We'll be keeping one pup for training and will know as they mature which one that will be.

We are very excited about this litter. It's the first litter since June and our first litter out of homebred parents. We love my baby Johnny and it's so special to have some of his pups on the ground. He's going to be a daddy again next month... a Labradoodle girl is carrying his babies (not our dog, but someone who used Johnny as a stud).

I'll definitely be posting pics once I get home next week for Thanksgiving break.

Speaking of which, plans are to go to my mom's house and celebrate with her. I was going to go to Shawn's house this year (opposite of last year), but with things going like they are with the divorce situation, I thought it best to go home and let Shawn go to his house. We'll be parting ways this year, but we have the rest of our lives to have Thanksgiving together. Also, I'll be bringing back plenty of leftovers and we'll have our own late Thanksgiving celebration when we're back at school.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Meet Norway, my crocheted rat. I made him the other day and just kind of made him up as I went along. He's done up in one piece with absolutely no seaming or sewing of any type required. Even his ears and tail are crocheted as you go. He was made with leftover Caron Simply Soft Eco.

This is the progress on the scarf. This picture is pretty true to life as far as color goes. Not the most exciting knit, but I do love watching the color and texture come along.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Sometimes I hate being me...

I have allergies. I've had seasonal allergies with itchy eyes, sneezing, itchy throat stuff since I was about 16 and a Claritin or Allegra would take care of it completely. Fall 2005 I had an overnight hospital stay due to allergy-induced vertigo. Early 2006 I woke up one morning with a swollen mouth and a puffy face in general. After enduring that for about a year and being on steroids almost constantly for 6 months, I finally went to an allergist and tested positive to all grasses, all weeds, all trees (except birch), oranges, peas, all melons, strawberries, bananas, and a few other things that were just slight positives. My doc said I am the most allergic person he's seen.

Zyrtec, Singulair, and Doxepin every day, with Benadryl as needed, was enough to keep it under control and weekly shots really helped. Up until recently. This semester has been a nightmare as far as my health goes... I had bronchitis the month of July and sinusitis from the beginning of July to now. It's lingering and won't go away... allergic people tend to have difficulties with sinuses, with causes worse allergic reactions, which keeps the sinus infection from getting better. A vicious cycle that I'm caught up in.

And that's not the worst of it. My allergy symptoms come in the the form of angioedema... facial swelling that is most prominent in the lips/mouth area and around the eyes. I've always had some eye swelling, but it had been my lips from the beginning. They swell, are painful, start to peel, etc. It's not pretty and even less comfortable. Now it's my eye. This week I've woken up nearly every day with my right eye swollen shut. It gets better as the day goes on, but it's now in the left eye as well. The lips are pretty much Ok with only a little swelling, but the eyes are irritated, painful, swollen, and my vision is very blurred right now. My doctor, who's really wonderful and I'm grateful to have, looked at me today and can't figure it out. The meds should be ridding me of all symptoms, but they aren't. He thinks that I have more going on that just allergies, but doesn't know what it is or who he could refer me to. The symptoms scream allergies, but I'm not getting better, only worse. What's wrong with me??? Why can't I just be normal? I have a new med that I'll be trying this week. Think of me and send well wishes!

Ok, my ranting is over now.

I've been working on more hats. They are really fun to make. I mailed 3 to Irisheyes today and have made 2 more since then. I'm trying to make at least one a day (preferably 2) and want to match the number I send to Irisheyes and donate them to local shelters in Atlanta.

Charity Hat #2

Another one finished! It's the Divine Hat and is crocheted with Caron Simply Soft Eco in Soft Mint (not a good name for this turquoise color!). Don't care for this yarn much as it's very squeaky, but is washable and affordable and in the stash. I used smaller hooks than the pattern calls for (I used G and F) and only did one round of the ribbing. It fits my head, which I think is average-sized.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Charity Hat #1

This is Durango, a really cute crochet pattern. It's the first of hopefully many hats to be sent to Irisheyes Knitting. I'm using up stash yarn for these hats. This one is with Patons Classic Wool Merino and some of my handspun wool (from SAFF, left over from my mom's Christmas bag). The button is one I had in the button stash. I wish I looked good in hats... this one is so cute and has raised lines spiralling from the crown (can't really see it in these pictures, though). I'll also be sending the Pretty Puffs Malabrigo hat I crocheted a while back.
I got a lot of knitting done on the illusion scarf and a good bit on my bias garter stitch scarf. Nothing exciting, though, so pics will come later when there's more to see.
Here's a picture of some of my babies... Squishy was napping on his back and Smoochy was begging for food (as usual!), but stopped to lick his foot for the picture:

Sunday, November 16, 2008

A great contest...

Irisheyes Knitting is having a contest... send pretty hats to be given to the homeless in her area. Mail the hats to her by January 5th. Please participate for a good cause and to possibly win great prizes. I've been wanting to do something for the homeless and this is a great push toward doing so!

Date Day, sort of

Well, Shawn and I did our date day to celebrate the 2 years together, but it wasn't exactly what we had planned for. Money is always an issue around here and today was no different. Shawn had pulled money especially for today, but I decided that it was better spent another way... we went to eat at Applebee's (they have a great promotion right now... 2 entrees and an appetizer for 20.00) and were headed to the theater to catch a matinee, but decided to just head back to campus after lunch. Why waste money on a movie when we have plenty to pick from and cable at school?

We got back and I talked to my mom for about 2 hours (a quick call to say hi turned into a long, but good, discussion; I enjoyed it). Shawn went out to police the grounds (pick up trash) for a project in Environmental Science. I went out to "help" after getting off the phone by taking pictures. You wouldn't believe all the stuff out in the parking lots... of course, the usual cups, bags, etc., but also a can of paint thinner, condoms and wrappers (gross, people), and a dead chicken. Yes, a dead chicken in the school parking lot. We're thinking it's a part of a prank (like the dead groundhog I found in the Walmart parking lot propped up with a cigarette in its mouth and a gun safety sign next to it... the picture is my background on my phone).

Anyway, not the most romantic anniversary celebration, but it was a good day anyway. Now we have to work on a project for Modern World Revolutions (designing our own revolution, to be tested and possible squashed by the grad students... isn't history fun?).

And, for knitting news...

This is the scarf for my brother. From an angle and straight on. Neat, huh? This illusion thing is pretty interesting and it's fun to see the image appear with each row.

This is the superwash merino batt I bought from Miss Babs at SAFF (4 ounces). This gorgeous stuff is a perfect example of how you should let the fiber spin itself... don't go into it with a project in mind. I try to let the fiber become what it wants and find a project for it afterward. Well, this fiber wanted to become a textured, slightly thick/thin singles full of loft. After spinning about a bobbin's worth, I decided that I actually wanted an even 2-ply worsted and started spinning for it. Um, no. I fought with it, but then gave up and went back to that singles. I was kind of unhappy with how it was coming out, but did it anyway. I gave it a bath and woke up this morning to find about 270 yards of gorgeous singles yarn. I should have known that the fiber knows what's best for it... the yarn is perfect. It's now becoming a biased garter stitch scarf:

Not the best picture (I'll get another one in natural light tomorrow), but it's knitting up into a gorgeous fabric... so soft and squishy, wonderfully textured, beautiful color, and there is no better way to let the yarn show-off than with garter stitch. I love this scarf and I see it becoming my favorite very quickly.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Not a whole lot

Today was pretty uneventful. I slept in and woke up when Shawn called me to see about meeting him for lunch. Unfortunately, I couldn't as I didn't have enough time to get ready (he has duty this weekend and only had 50 minutes to eat and get back to Pine Valley for National Leadership Challenge). I then got ready for the day and finished up the 6 squares for the Friendship Afghan swap.

I finished Arthur's camera bag last night. I'm somewhat pleased with it and think he'll like it enough.

His scarf is really coming along... I can see the beginnings of the pattern (the bottom of the pole and her feet/legs).

I think I'll try to get some spinning time in tonight. I think I'll work on the superwash merino from Miss Babs. Or maybe the mohair/wool blend in the red/yellow I got (13 ounces total).

Friday, November 14, 2008

I Love Fridays

My only class was cancelled Wednesday and today... I love sleeping in! I think I'm coming down with something as I've been very tired lately, no matter how much I sleep, so it's nice to be able to sleep in a lot.
My brother's camera bag is coming along. It's not perfect, though. I'm making it up as I go, so am having to figure up some math and designs on the fly. It's pretty much a sampler of designs. I think he'll like it, though.

The front has a heart, a large design I made up, and I'm working on a word in Korean above the heart... him, which means strength and is tattooed on Arty's arm. Not sure what's going to happen above all that.
Since a camera bag isn't much of a present for your only sibling, I also making him the Naughty/Nice Scarf (illusion scarf that has a pole dancer on both ends). It's in Cascade 220 Red and Heathers Blue. Yeah, kind of Spidermany, but it's what I have enough of. It's my first time doing illusion knitting, but it's just knit and purl. It's a lot wider than I thought it would be, but Arthur likes big scarves.
1. Please feel free to comment! I love reading them!
2. When I have something sweet in the oven, I can't help sniffing it occasionally.
3. My favorite thing to cook is anything that requires baking.
4. Cool weather is something I can't get enough of.
5. That's the thing I love most about my school (NGCSU) is that it's small and personal, different from other schools because of the military factor, and is in a great location.
6. Goth, emo, and punk kids always make me think to myself, what the heck?
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to getting in some fiber time, tomorrow my plans include date day with Shawn (to celebrate the anniversary), and, Sunday, I want to relax and lazy around with Shawn, watching movies and such.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Color Swap Package!

I got a wonderful package today from BridgetA (Ravelry link).

I gave 4 color options (turquoise, olive, red, and purple) and she chose to send me a purple package! I'm glad that she chose that color since it's a new favorite for me and I don't have much purple anything yet.

She sent me a really sweet Happy Engagement card, congratulating me on finally setting a wedding date. The goodies include:

-2 skeins of dark purple Patons Classic Merino - I love this yarn and the color is gorgeous. I love that dark eggplanty purple!
-2 skeins of Reynolds Whiskey in a dark heathery purple, purchased at Rhinebeck - So pretty and I haven't seen this yarn before.
-A skein of Wild Apple Hill Farm, Ltd 100% Wool in a beautiful lighter purple - I love farm yarns and the color is gorgeous. I'm thinking of knitting a bag from this...
-2 packs of Thank You cards for the wedding - So sweet and thoughtful!
-2 fall-themed magnetic notepads - I love stationary and these are so cute.
-A size G crochet hook - Thanks! My hook collection is seriously lacking, so it's nice to have another one!
-A circular crochet hook - Neither of us has seen one of these before... so neat!
-A bunch of handmade soap, made by her aunt - I love handmade bath items and these smell wonderful!

This is the progress on Arthur's Christmas gift. I decided not to use the handspun so that I could do a little more stashbusting on the partial skeins I have. This was supposed to be fingerless mitts, but I'm thinking that it's going to be a camera bag instead. They are looking too big to be mitts (not sure why, though, as I'm using the same weight yarn and needle size as my mitts and only casted on 2 more stitches). The yarns are Araucania Ranco (same as my mitts) and Knit Picks Palette (leftovers from my mom's Monkey socks). I designed this pattern. I'll be making something else for Arty... I'm thinking the Naughty/Nice Scarf out of Cascade 220.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

So Cowl

Ok, enough pictures of me. This is the Birthday Cowl knit in Frog Tree Merino Worsted that I got from Pheelya, my SP12 pal. My first time using this yarn and my first cowl... I'm in love with both. I think the Frog Tree is softer than Malabrigo, though the yardage is lacking (137 yards... not too bad, but I'm spoiled on 200+ yard skeins). The pattern is simple and gorgeous and very easy to knit. Finished this in one day.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Happy Anniversary!

It's Shawn and my's second anniversary today. We didn't do much to celebrate because we're planning on doing it this weekend. We did go to Gainesville to get my allergy shots and then ate at Waffle House (how romantic, huh?). We rented Journey to the Center of the Earth (the new one with Brendan Fraiser) and will be watching it tonight.

The JaWoll sock has decided to become a fingerless glove for my brother. I am about halfway finished with the first one. I like it enough, though the self-striping yarn isn't my favorite (I'm not really a fan of self-striping yarns). I'll still make him the other fingerless gloves, I think, though I'm not sure. We'll see.

Tomorrow night is the SAB (Student Activities Board) concert... Red Jumpsuit Apparatus and Reliant K. I don't care much for concerts (too crowded, loud, and the sound quality is much better when recorded anyway), but Shawn really wants to go, so we will. In the past, I've gone to see Puddle of Mudd, Hinder, and one other band that I can't remember the name of and only knew one of their songs. Concerts are Ok, but I get bored with them quickly. The school does get some good bands, though (we had the chance to have GooGoo Dolls and I hate that they got voted out and Hinder won it. Argh, that's one I would've actually enjoyed).

Monday, November 10, 2008


Stephanie's Written Word is giving away copies of Knit Two, the sequel to Friday Night Knitting Club!


I finally got all the domestic wool spun and plied and it's now drying from a bath. I was able to get around 290-300 yards from roughly 3 ounces, 2-ply fingering weight. It's really pretty and I must say that my spinning seems to have improved lately. This will go into the fingerless mitts for Arthur.