Monday, November 17, 2008

Charity Hat #1

This is Durango, a really cute crochet pattern. It's the first of hopefully many hats to be sent to Irisheyes Knitting. I'm using up stash yarn for these hats. This one is with Patons Classic Wool Merino and some of my handspun wool (from SAFF, left over from my mom's Christmas bag). The button is one I had in the button stash. I wish I looked good in hats... this one is so cute and has raised lines spiralling from the crown (can't really see it in these pictures, though). I'll also be sending the Pretty Puffs Malabrigo hat I crocheted a while back.
I got a lot of knitting done on the illusion scarf and a good bit on my bias garter stitch scarf. Nothing exciting, though, so pics will come later when there's more to see.
Here's a picture of some of my babies... Squishy was napping on his back and Smoochy was begging for food (as usual!), but stopped to lick his foot for the picture:


Tekgirl said...

Ah, cute picture- more please. I so miss have squeaky things in my house. I kept rats right up until I went to uni but haven't had one since. They make the best pets.

Lupie said...

Thanks for the link to the great free crochet hats.

Kathy said...

THe hats arrived and this one is soooooo cute. They all are, but I love the button on this one. You are so kind. I mean it!