Saturday, November 29, 2008

Charity Hats Finished

I am finished making hats for charity. I've finished the 7 and have sent 3 already. 10 total and I'll be making a few for local homeless people. These were fun and I love that the homeless in Illinois will be warm in style! These 7 will be going in the mail Monday or Tuesday.

This is a close-up of my last hat... I'm not too much for the stripes, but I really love the stitching I did on it. When you put the hat on with the "seam" (beginning of rounds) to the back, the design rests on the right side of the head, starting around the back of the eye.

Now I can really get on the Christmas knitting and my scarf. I only have my brother's gift let to make and it's nearly halfway finished. I showed it to him on Thanksgiving... I can't keep a secret when it comes to gifts and he already told me my gift (A Lot of Plankton... Spongebob-themed sea monkeys!). He wanted to see his and he loves it. I also showed him the camera bag.

I'll be starting a pair of simple garter stitch (maybe stockinette, haven't decided) fingerless mitts in the remaining yellow Malabrigo I have. I'll cast on either tonight or tomorrow.

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Kathy said...

They are lovely each and every one. On to your Holiday knitting! You are a real Santa helper