Sunday, November 16, 2008

Date Day, sort of

Well, Shawn and I did our date day to celebrate the 2 years together, but it wasn't exactly what we had planned for. Money is always an issue around here and today was no different. Shawn had pulled money especially for today, but I decided that it was better spent another way... we went to eat at Applebee's (they have a great promotion right now... 2 entrees and an appetizer for 20.00) and were headed to the theater to catch a matinee, but decided to just head back to campus after lunch. Why waste money on a movie when we have plenty to pick from and cable at school?

We got back and I talked to my mom for about 2 hours (a quick call to say hi turned into a long, but good, discussion; I enjoyed it). Shawn went out to police the grounds (pick up trash) for a project in Environmental Science. I went out to "help" after getting off the phone by taking pictures. You wouldn't believe all the stuff out in the parking lots... of course, the usual cups, bags, etc., but also a can of paint thinner, condoms and wrappers (gross, people), and a dead chicken. Yes, a dead chicken in the school parking lot. We're thinking it's a part of a prank (like the dead groundhog I found in the Walmart parking lot propped up with a cigarette in its mouth and a gun safety sign next to it... the picture is my background on my phone).

Anyway, not the most romantic anniversary celebration, but it was a good day anyway. Now we have to work on a project for Modern World Revolutions (designing our own revolution, to be tested and possible squashed by the grad students... isn't history fun?).

And, for knitting news...

This is the scarf for my brother. From an angle and straight on. Neat, huh? This illusion thing is pretty interesting and it's fun to see the image appear with each row.

This is the superwash merino batt I bought from Miss Babs at SAFF (4 ounces). This gorgeous stuff is a perfect example of how you should let the fiber spin itself... don't go into it with a project in mind. I try to let the fiber become what it wants and find a project for it afterward. Well, this fiber wanted to become a textured, slightly thick/thin singles full of loft. After spinning about a bobbin's worth, I decided that I actually wanted an even 2-ply worsted and started spinning for it. Um, no. I fought with it, but then gave up and went back to that singles. I was kind of unhappy with how it was coming out, but did it anyway. I gave it a bath and woke up this morning to find about 270 yards of gorgeous singles yarn. I should have known that the fiber knows what's best for it... the yarn is perfect. It's now becoming a biased garter stitch scarf:

Not the best picture (I'll get another one in natural light tomorrow), but it's knitting up into a gorgeous fabric... so soft and squishy, wonderfully textured, beautiful color, and there is no better way to let the yarn show-off than with garter stitch. I love this scarf and I see it becoming my favorite very quickly.

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Lupie said...

I love illusion knitting projects. It's like magic. Can't wait to see the scarf done. The yarn came out beautiful!