Thursday, November 27, 2008

FO and My Babies

Here's scarf number two for the neighbor girls...

It's in Patons Classic Wool Merino (same stuff as the mocassins, from my Color Swap pal).

Here are more of my babies... I know it's been a little animal heavy lately, but I'm home right now and missed all my critters.

Josie is on the arm of the chair, her usual perch. She's my mom's insane JRT (Jack Russell Terrier (or, Terror, as I say) mix who suffers severe separation anxiety when my mom's away. Gideon, my Daschund/Chihuahua mix, is on the chair, about to fall asleep in this pic. The thing on the floor with with lamp on it is Pepper, my Bearded Dragon (lizard), in her travel cage.

This is Black Jack, my 16-year-old mutt. I got her when I was 9 years old... it will be 13 years in March. She's very old and is mostly deaf and cataracts make her vision weak, but she's still going strong and has no other serious health problems. She does have a few fatty tumors (not dangerous and common in older dogs) and is losing some condition in her hindlegs, but still loves long walks and playing with me in the yard. I love this girl and will be one sad person when she finally goes to Heaven (I'm praying that she makes it to next November, so she can attend my wedding).

Rowdy Romance, aka Rowdy or just Ro. He's my 8-year-old Quarter Horse gelding. Moma bought him for me as a very green 3-yo stud, broke just enough to run him down the dirt roads (he came from a horse trader that is big in backyard racing). He cost just 400.00. I finished up his training and he was such a wonderful stud... I could ride him with any other horse without problems. I bred him and have his daughter, Acorn, who I couldn't get a good pic of today. I had him cut and he's a big lazy boy. I go to him when I want a fun, easy ride or for beginner riders.

This picture makes me laugh. One of the Yorkie boys was passed out last night and was sleeping like this. Precious!

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Lupie said...

I love doggie bellies!!!!!
The DC you add between the pattern on the scarf is a great idea. It makes the pattern stand out more.