Saturday, November 15, 2008

Not a whole lot

Today was pretty uneventful. I slept in and woke up when Shawn called me to see about meeting him for lunch. Unfortunately, I couldn't as I didn't have enough time to get ready (he has duty this weekend and only had 50 minutes to eat and get back to Pine Valley for National Leadership Challenge). I then got ready for the day and finished up the 6 squares for the Friendship Afghan swap.

I finished Arthur's camera bag last night. I'm somewhat pleased with it and think he'll like it enough.

His scarf is really coming along... I can see the beginnings of the pattern (the bottom of the pole and her feet/legs).

I think I'll try to get some spinning time in tonight. I think I'll work on the superwash merino from Miss Babs. Or maybe the mohair/wool blend in the red/yellow I got (13 ounces total).

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