Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Obama Won


I have never voted. I was too young last election (Bush vs. Kerry) and opted not to vote this election. I'm not even registered to vote.

People say that if you don't vote, you can't complain. I disagree. If you didn't vote (for the right reason), you can complain. I see it this way... If you vote for candidate A and they win, you definitely can't complain. You helped to put him there. If you vote for candidate B and they lose, you can't complain because you did your part and that's all that you really can do (though some griping is Ok). If you don't like either candidate and you vote for the lesser of two evils... well, you really sold yourself there. If you're like me and don't vote because you don't like either candidate... complain away. You didn't do anything to put them in office, so you can complain about everyone else's vote! ;-)

I won't vote until there is someone that I actually want to be president. The lesser of two evils is still evil. I would rather have McCain as president than Obama, but I don't really like McCain at all. I feel that he's a liberal conservative and would not be a great leader. I don't like Obama because of his liberal views on many issues (I'm very conservative) and I feel that he won't be a good leader either (I guess we'll find out, though). Because I really couldn't care less about either person as PotUS, I didn't vote for either one. I would feel like I was selling out and I just can't have my vote go toward someone that I don't want to be in office. Please, one day, let there be a good candidate so that I can actually vote!

Go Ron Paul.

(Ok, politics over (thank God). Back to regular fiber talk! I hope that no one is offended by this post... just my personal beliefs and views that I had to get out there. I'm so glad that the election is over with so everyone can move forward now.)


Christy said...

Being an NGC grad, I can't help but agree with you about both.

lizzzknits said...

I don't agree with you politically, but please, register to vote, so that when your candidate of choice comes up, you will be ready. Support those issues that you really believe in and never stop educating yourself on those. There is a lot you can do by getting involved. Not voting and not getting involved is just not an option in my book. Just MY opinion.....