Monday, November 3, 2008


I love registering for the upcoming semester. I think it's because I get a feeling of renewal, knowing I'm preparing for a new semester, year, etc. I registered this morning for the last time (unless I decide to go to grad school, which I'm seriously considering). I'll be taking 3 histories and 1 criminal justice... Mongol Conquests (the prof is one of only 5 in the nation qualified to teach it), 20th Century Europe, Latin American History - The Caribbean, and Juvenile Justice.

Shawn registers tomorrow morning and he's hoping to get into the Europe class, Latin America class, and Juvie Justice, as well as Corrections (which I'm taking this semester) and Intro to Psych. He's already taken the Mongol class and has all the notes still! He's at least a year behind me and still has a lot of core classes left to take.

He went to the infirmary this morning and they think that he has tonsilitis. I had that in middle school and it was the second worse I've felt in my life (the worst was when I got allergy-induced vertigo in 2005). The achiness is awful. He may end up going to a regular doc if he doesn't start to feel better soon... the infirmary isn't the best for diagnosis/treatment of illness. It's really just to stabilize and for cuts/scrapes. The doctor who works there (who never really seems to be there, though) isn't popular with other doctors in the area; they get the students after he didn't do much for them and they are worse and require more intensive treatments.

Think good thoughts and send prayers for Shawn!

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Sunset Knitter said...

I'm thinking good thoughts for Shawn.
Hope he feels better. Nothing worse than being sick this time of year in college