Sunday, November 23, 2008

Sherbet Floats

Shawn and I love ice cream, but have decided to go for sherbet instead from now on... a little less bad for you. I thought that it would make a wonderful float. We like to get the Lime flavored Sam's Choice Pure American waters and used them with the sherbet. I got peach and he got orange and they taste wonderful with the lime water! And not too bad for you either... the worst thing we could find in the ingredients is corn syrup, which isn't really all that bad. The flavored water has zero calories and the sherbet has 110 per serving. Delicious and light. It would also be great with gingerale instead of the lime water.
Here's a better picture of the Targhee/Angelina spinning I've been doing. It should get finished today.

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sunsetknitter said...

The floats look Yummy!