Thursday, November 27, 2008


We had a good Thanksgiving. My father called me this morning and we actually had a good conversation without fighting or meanness. Moma made a big meal and Arty and Michelle came over. We stuffed ourselves! We watched some TV and talked, then went out to play with Partner, Arthur's mostly Lab that is living at my mom's house because he can't stay in Arthur and Michelle's apartment. He's very aggressive toward other dogs and strangers, so is a liability in a multiple-family living place. He's such a sweet and smart boy to those that he knows, though. He's just very territorial and protective, not trusting strangers. He's having to stay in a run, which we hate doing, but Arthur comes over during the week to let him run and play.

Arty and Michelle had to leave to go her mom's house for dinner and my mom went to take my dad a plate of food. I've just been hanging out here, knitting some and watching the House marathon (Dr. House is so sexy... I would so marry him).

A good day and I'm glad that we were all able to have a good Thanksgiving. Shawn went to his family's house and did the Thanksgiving thing with them today.

The thing that I am most thankful for? The newest development in my allergies. The cream the doc gave me last week made me better and my talk with him Tuesday was great... my symptoms were coming mostly from a contact allergy. I stopped using all lotions, hair mousse, face wash, etc and only used shampoo and body wash. I didn't take my meds per doc's orders and only did the steroid cream once a day for a week. Apparently, I'm allergic to my face wash or the Clinique Moisturizer stuff, or both. The only problem I had all week was regular seasonal allergy stuff... sneezing, itchy throat, etc. Much welcomed compared to my usual swollen face!

I use the cream as needed, take only ONE Zyrtec a day (as compared to the Zyrtec, Doxepin, Singulair, and 4-5 Benedryls a day I was on), and stay away from lotions and the like. I now am using only baby shampoo/lotion/wash and so far, so good. I am beyond thrilled about this and, with the allergy shots (for the next 4 years) and staying away from things I'm allergic to, I should be good to go. Thank God that we have this thing figured out and I can begin to feel normal again.

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