Saturday, November 8, 2008


I ended up not going with Shawn today to drill (Barnes & Noble). I stayed with Shawn's mom and sister and we went to breakfast and a salvage grocery. I was able to get about 70.00 worth of groceries for 40.00! Very nice to my wallet.

My mom came up to the grocery and brought some of the Poodles we were trying to find homes for. Shawn's mom took the two females and is keeping one and will find a home for the other. We hate letting these girls go, but it's to a great home (Shawn's sister has one of our Poodles already) and we just couldn't keep them with the new house/land being so much smaller than the last place.

Tomorrow I'll be going to B&N (yay!). I plan on reading and knitting. I finished one of the slippers last night, but it's too big! I even went down a needle size. It's going to go in the wash to see if I can shrink it up to the right size (I think it'll work). I should have knit the child's size. My mom and I have small feet (we wear between a 6 and 6.5) and I think the kid's size would be perfect. I kind of like the idea of felting them, though, since they'll wear longer that way. I am almost finished with the second slipper, having only the top part to do. I'll be casting on for the JaWoll socks tomorrow at the bookstore. I'm looking forward to having socks on the needles, but these are going to be kind of boring. Oh well, a mindless and quick knit anyway (I may do ribbing all the way down the leg and some on the arch of the foot just to add more interest).

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