Sunday, November 2, 2008

Weekend Recap

I managed to get a lot of fiber time in this weekend:

This is some of the "domestic wool" that I got from SAFF. I still have about 2.5 ounces to spin up (this is about a half ounce). It's going to be a 2-ply fingering weight to be used in stranded colorwork (I'm working on a mitten design).

Here's a half ounce of the same fiber spun into a 2-ply worsted yarn. It's about 60 yards.

The beginnings of a bag for Moma's Christmas gift. She requested a felted purse in darker natural colors. This is the natural brown wool that I was spinning up last week. I got it all finished and it's gorgeous. I wish that I had bought more... it would make a beautiful sweater. I can't capture the beauty of the knitted fabric. I'm sad that it's getting felted! I plan on knitting until I run out of this yarn, then using yarn I spun from some fiber I got from New Zealand in a swap (it's cream, light brown, and dark brown), then using the above worsted handspun to finish it off. The straps will probably be in the New Zealand wool.

This is my progress on the second mitten. It's going much better than the first... I've got the tension thing down (for now, at least!). I really do adore this stranded/fair isle thing.

I've decided to frog the red skirt I was making. I just don't like how it's turning out. I think it would be better in a cotton blend. The yarn is getting saved for something else... I'm thinking a Hemlock Ring Blanket or a crocheted blanket. Not sure.

As for the non-fiber parts of the weekend, it was pretty uneventful. Friday night Shawn, one of my roommates, and a friend watched Silence of the Lambs (I must say that Hannibal Lector has to be the most charming cannibalistic murderer). Saturday we all slept in some and then Shawn and I went driving around the mountains. It was a nice drive; Shawn loves driving the mountain roads (safely!) and I got to enjoy the gorgeous views (I forgot my camera, so no pics, but I'll get some later) and did a little knitting on the mitten (just a little, though). Shawn started feeling kind of sick last night and was ill today. He'll get really warm, then get really cold... cold enough to shiver. Back and forth and he's just feeling bad in general. We just watched movies today and went to Barnes & Noble for a bit. He'll be going to sick call tomorrow morning. I hope the infirmary can fix him up.

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