Friday, December 26, 2008

The Christmas Post

Shawn came over Christmas Eve and we all went to Arthur and Michelle's for dinner and presents. It's long-standing tradition that we open presents on Eve and Santa comes Christmas day (though he skipped our house this year due to financial reasons). My brother and I are very spoiled when it comes to Christmas... my parents always go all out and we get big things like computers, game systems, a loom, etc. Not this year, but that's Ok. Here's some of what I got...

This is from Arthur. It's the Spongebob version of Sea Monkeys. I love how it's called Plenty 'o Plankton. It says that I get to "help Plankton build his army to take over the world!"

From my dad, the Pet's Eye View Camera. It takes up to 40 pictures at my choice of several time intervals (from 1 to 15 minutes apart). This is pretty cool... now I get to see what Gideon does when he runs away...
Arthur also got one and set it up in his "man room" (his own playroom at their new house) where his Yorkie, Fifa, stays while he's at work. It was really funny to see Fifa wandering, rolling around, sitting in the chair, etc. while Arty was at work yesterday.

From Shawn's family. It's Avon, Liiv Botanicals. I love it and it's actually not causing my allergies to act up. I think we have a winner...

Every year, Shawn and I get each other an ornament so that we'll have something for our tree when we get married. This is his to me this year... a cute snowman that's a 3D puzzle! I love puzzles and it will be fun to put it together with him each year.

Other presents:
-handknit house socks from my mom (love them!); Arty, Michelle, and my dad got a pair as well.
-bath stuff from my aunt
-25.00 gift card from my grandmother for Shawn and me
-cute pajama and blanket set from the same aunt
-a handmade pottery mug from Gatlinburg and white tea with peach and mango from the same aunt
-Gideon got a bone from Molly, my aunt's Cocker
-The Book of Lost Things (James Connolly) from my mom (I picked it out)
-a sock pattern from my mom (I picked it out, the acorn socks from KnitSpot)
-an emergency flashlight/phone charger/radio/something else I can't remember right now from my dad
-a few clothing items from the same aunt
-a Black & Decker can opener from the same aunt for Shawn and me (to use when we finally have a house together)

My mom loved her handknits from me! I'm so glad. Arthur loved his camera bag and his (unfinished!) scarf and Michelle wears her scarf nonstop. Shawn was glad to get his tool set and the gun cleaning kit.
Now, for the fill-in...
1. I must marry Shawn and start a family before I die.
2. You can't stop doing fibery things and loving animals!
3. I wish I never had to buy gas for the car again.
4. Moving to the country when I was 6 has changed my life.
5. I know the song Any Man Of Mine (Shania Twain) by heart.
6. If I weren't so afraid, I would start my own business now rather than later.
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to relaxing, tomorrow my plans include H-Mart with my grandparents, and, Sunday, I want to get some dog and horse work in.


Turtle said...

sounds like a wonderful xmas! would love to see some of the pics from the pet cam!

Lupie said...

I have that Avon bag. It is great for taking my larger projects around.