Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Curious George & Millie

So, we have cats again! I'd been wanting a new cat and, of course, my mom didn't object (these days, she doesn't care what new critters we get as long as it isn't a horse or dog). We went to the vet to look at the board and found someone with a litter of free kittens...

This is the male. He is named Curious George. Perfect name for him; he's so fearless and has to check out everything. He loves to curl up in my knitting bag.

This is his sister, Millie. She's a real rascal, though isn't as fearless. She's full of energy. Gorgeous tabby-based calico. Her chosen spot is the corner of the chair, against the wall and Korean cabinet.

These kittens were born to a stray that got hit by a car. The lady I got them from bottle-raised them, so they are real sweeties.

Still trucking along on the sock; I'm about halfway finished with the foot. I haven't been doing more than a few rows here and there while I'm at the computer, but it's so quick.

Plans for tomorrow: get up at around 0800, go for a walk with Moma, Black Jack, Johnny Cash, and whichever dog Moma takes, do chores, finish Arthur's scarf through the illusion (halfway point), work the horses some, warp my loom (to make a tote bag), then Arty and Michelle are coming over for dinner (chicken gyros... yum!). We'll also probably get some more work done on the fence and I'm going to try to get my sock at least to the toe decreases (if not finished) and spin a bit. Busy, but it's how I like it! I probably won't get all my fiber wishes done, but I'll try.


Anita O said...

Awww, they look so cute as kittens!
I hope you get all your plans accomplished! Chicken gryos sound so yummy!

~Knitting Up A Storm~ said...

Hey Timiae,
I tried sending you an email, but the one you gave me didn't seem to work. So here is the message I sent everyone:

"Thanks so much for knitting up ornaments for my grandfather's nursing home. It means a lot that people from all over are willing to knit a little something for complete strangers. It will lighten up someone's heart this Christmas Eve.

You can pick out any knitting pattern from my shop (www.knittyknitter.etsy.com) that has been sold or is for sale...or you can choose to wait until early or mid-January when I'll have a new hat pattern out. It will be a two-colored semi-slouchy hat. If you let me know in advance, you can even save a KUAS pattern from my shop for a "rainy day"...when there will be more patterns out in the future. There is usually something new out every other month. :)

If you were one of the top 3, you either have something else sent your way, or will have something sent soon.

Thanks so much for participating...it means a lot!"

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Happy New Year & Happy knitting!!