Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Mr. Mouse

Isn't this just too cute? I joined an animal felted stuffie swap on swap-bot.com. I've never made one of these before and only had white and pink felt scraps, so a mouse seemed appropriate (plus, I love the things). I think it came out well, especially since it's my first and I handsewed it (machines are at home).

So, finals start tomorrow. We're not supposed to have anything tomorrow (Academic Review Day), but it's for the Korean class, which is independent study with weekly tutoring, so not really a regular class. I'm not too worried about my finals, though probably should be. Senioritis was in full effect this semester and I hope that I did well enough in all my classes!

I've started spinning more SAFF fiber. The red/white supposedly wool/mohair blend.... it's actually 100% mohair. I'm not too fond of 100% mohair, but it's not too bad. Not too coarse/itchy and the colors are pretty. I'm spinning it up into a 2-ply fingering weight yarn to be used for some gloves. I'll be blending some into the ecru merino roving I have to make a nice blend, probably for some socks.

Knitting-wise, I'm working on the scarves and I've started on a pair of fingerless mitts that I designed. I'm about 90% finished. It's in some leftover brown Malabrigo Worsted and the Targhee/Angelina (robins egg blue color) I spun. I think they'll come out nicely.

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