Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Name That Puppy!

Every now and then, in the larger litters, you get a runt. Our current Standard Poodle litter has 7 puppies and there is definitely a runt. She is itsy bitsy (the same size as our Yorkie pups (whose parents are 4.5 lb each), about half the size of her siblings (her parents are 40 and 50 lb)). She has a developmental issue in her hind legs, causing her to walk a tad sloped (rearend slopes down) since she walks on her entire foot and not her "toes" like she should. She seems a little behind mentally as well, but it's slight and not an issue for her or us. She gets around great, plays normally, eats, etc. She's just a little slower when running around. This little girl is staying with us, being my dog. She is seemingly healthy other than the above-stated and we hope that she stays healthy and lives a normal life.

Anyway, this cutie needs a name! We've gone through a few, but can't find one that is just right for her. That's where the contest comes in...

Suggest names! We need two names... her registered name and her kennel name (what we call her). They can be related or not. You can suggest several names or just one. Leave me a comment on this post with your suggestion(s) until midnight of Sunday, January 4. My mom and I will select the names from there. The suggester of the names will win a 15.00 gift certificate to KnitPicks.com. So, we'll pick 2 of the names (1 registered, 1 kennel) and whoever suggested them will win the gift cards. If the same person suggests both winning names, they will get both cards.

Some info that might help with the process:

-She's a black female Standard Poodle, born November 19, 2008.

-Her father's name is M&D The Man In Black (kennel name, Johnny Cash).

-Her mother's name is M&D Lucy In The Sky W. Diamonds (kennel name, Lucy).

-There are 7 in the litter, all black with 1 cream.

-She is being raised by Eunny, our moma Yorkie, and has 3 Yorkie "siblings" with her.

-Our kennel is Mother & Daugher Kennel and all our homebred dogs have the M&D prefix.

-The registered name is generally fancy and the kennel name less so.

-She sticks her tongue out most of the time, Yorkie-style for those that have them.

-She has the normal brown eyes, but there is blue marbling to them, which is really odd.

-Names that we already have in our pet family (call names, not registered) are: Gideon, Josie, Eunny, Gabby, Partner, Fifa, Mike ("Meeka"), Rowdy, Acorn, Lucy, Johnny Cash, Black Jack, Annie, Sheila, Tabasco, Millie, Curious George, Pepper, Fu Manchu, Squishy, Crunchy, and Smoochy. These names are a no-go for that reason.

Here are some (bad) pictures of the little girl (she's much cuter in real life):
She loves yarn already!


evergreenknits said...

Just wanted to let you know that I posted about your contest on WiKnit!

Turtle said...

She is so sweet Phoebe, Nani and Mitsie keep coming to mind , especially Mitsie cause she looks like one. Her registered name could be Lil Miss Mitsie. (with Mitz or Mitsie for short) or Danika Warm Harte and Dani for short. Or just a simple Nani Girl and Nani for short. She is adorable and i am glad you are keeping her. For some reason i am always draawn to the runt or the big burly boy. Our goldens are Storm Hunter and Ocean Myst. Have fun with her and enjoy your holiday!! (I will link to you as well.)

cksknitter said...

I think "Domino Rally" for her registered name, and "Domi" (sounds like mommy) for her everyday name would be cute.

Jackie said...

You mentioned she is itsy bitsy.

How about Bitsy for her kennel name?

Registered name M&D Black Diamond?

I must say that she is positively adorable1

Elaine said...

What a cutie!

How about Kodiac, Kody for short.

I hope that this is a terrific year for you and your mother, and that all the tough times are behind you and nothing but happiness ahead.

Jersey said...

Given her birthday I suggest Scorpio for her registered name and Black Widow for her kennel name (or the other way around)

Sort of ironic - she's so little and vulnerable-looking and the names are so lethal.

Maybe Vampire and Kiss

I'm sure you'll have lots of fun with her.

Sue said...

I like Bella for her every day name she is so sweet reminds me of a puppy we had as kids....

and for show she could be know as
Black Diamond

Darcys Knotty Knitter said...

I like Itsy Bitsy:)Hugs Darcy

Kathy said...

Oh well now, I am going to have some fun here!

AKC: Forever in Blue Jeans Call Name Levi (for the blue eye thing)

AKC: Mrs Man in Black: call name: Juney

AKC: Peti Four (sp?) Call name: Sweetie

Kristen said...

I see that Black Diamond has already been suggested, so I'll suggest
M&D's Black Sky
and I think the call name could be Blackie, but I really like Peanut, even though it's not specifically related to the AKC name.
I'm glad that you're keeping her and giving her a home rather than culling the "defective" puppies.

squiggi said...

well, someone's already suggested "black diamond", but to go with that, I'd call her "lizzie"
for Elizabeth Taylor, famous lover of diamonds.

Debbie said...

Hi- She is really adorable and I don't know why, but the name Punky comes to mind. And for the Kennel name- Queen of Sheba. Thanks for the contest. Debbie

Jenny said...

Blue Eyes for the registered name and Frankie for the kennel name :-) I love puppies that have a blue tint to their eyes.

Anonymous said...

Aww!!! I think she is adorable!
For AKC names:
- Little Darlin' (since she's small, and it's the title of a Johnny Cash song [one word was omitted] so it'd tie in with her father's name)
- Little Willow (a Paul McCartney song - it'd tie in with her mother's name; and again 'cause she's tiny)

For kennel/pet names:
- Pepper
- Missy
- Sweetie
- Samantha (or Sam for short)

RoamingKnitter said...

Poodle, small? Immediately I thought of the ACK name M&D Leslie Caron with the kennel name Gigi. She is a sweetie.

Rachel O said...

She looks like a real sweetie to me.

Since she has that nice curly hair, how about calling her

Black boucle' - blackie for short


Curlicue - curly for short

Elaine said...

Hi Again,

Poodles are French so how about

Michelle, ma belle - Shelly for short.

Bete noir - Betty

Kitten With a Whiplash said...

A dog is everyone's best friend, but diamonds are a girl's best friend, so that is my first suggestion

M&D Girl's Best Friend - Girlie for short

or since she is a black dog with brown eys that have a blue cast, and untroubled by her development issues I thought of this:

The largest Black Diamond is the Spirit of De Grisogono, the largest brown is the Golden Jubilee and the most famous blue is the Hope.

M&D Spirit of Golden Hope

with Spirit, Hope or Goldie for short.

Whatever her name she is a little beauty, which I guess could be another suggestion.

trek said...

Official name of "M&D Yorkshire MacLaren"

(for her Yorkie adoptive mom and the protagonist in a series by Patricia Sprinkle)

to go by "Little Bit"

(which is what MacLaren's husband Joe Riddley calls her)

Marilyn said...

How about something yarny like:

Black Purl or Pom Pom or Tiny Ebony Stitches (and call her Ebony) or Bobble.

Or you could use her father's name for Little Roseanne and call her Rose. (Johnny Cash's daughter was Roseanne.)

wenat said...

How about "M&D Black Bird Singing" for her registered name, and "Birdie" for her kennel name.

The Beatles lyrics go:
Blackbird singing in the dead of night
Take these broken wings and learn to fly
All your life
You were only waiting for this moment to arise

They seem so appropriate for a runt of the litter, with "broken wings" who is going to be able to fly despite the odds.

knakedknitter said...

I see alot of people have already said Black Diamond, but I think Black Diamond Sky and call her Twinkle. You know like the diamonds in the sky are stars and stars twinkle. That's my suggestion.

Lupie said...

How about Midnight or in spanish Medianoche.

Beth Lower said...

She's so tiny!! Her coloring reminds me of Onyx and her size makes me think Pebble. Good luck with the names!!

Anita O said...

M&D Satarah (the Persian form of Esther, which means star)

You could call her Esther or Hadassah. I love the story of Esther in the bible. It's nice that you "saved" her. I like the idea of focusing on the positives instead of her being a runt. She is your star now!

katerina said...

What about the name Black Olive - and she could go by Olive for her kennel name

or Toots or Tootsie short for Tootsie Roll?

Purl, short for Black Purl to take a spin on knitting

And my favorite, being a yarn lover is BaaBaa Black sheep, and call her BaaBaa or Blackie - but that may be a bit too much ;)

Can't wait to hear what you come up with! She's a cutie!!

Rachel O said...

How about

Purl Girl or Pearl Girl and call her either Pearl, Purl, or Girly.

Whatever you call her, she's a cutey.

And happy new year.

EJ said...

She is soooo cute.

I suggest either

Coal Porter (rather than Cole Porter)


Eartha Kitt

EJ said...

I forgot to say that if you name her Eartha Kitt, you could call her Kitty. :-)

Steffi said...

Too cute! I'd call her Abby and register her as M&D Lady A. of Concord, or just M&D Lady A.

Steffi said...

Bobbin would be a cute call name, too.

|chee-uh| said...

How about Skittles as call name and Maggie Mae (Beatles!) as registered name.