Monday, December 22, 2008

Reading and Knitting

I've joined the 52 Books in 52 Weeks group on Ravelry. I have been reading more lately and wanted to have a reading goal for next year... I think an average of a book a week is a great and achievable goal.

I recently finished Hell of a Dog by Carol Lea Benjamin. It was good; a quick and easy read. I enjoy mysteries and I love dogs and training, so I liked the book a lot. I was especially impressed with the accuracy of the training techniques, dog behavior, and variety of trainers... the author really knows her stuff and her training methods/philosophy is very close to mine.

I will finish Passing For Normal by Amy S. Wilensky tomorrow. It's a memoir of sorts about the author's struggle with Tourette's and OCD, her childhood memories of the symptoms, diagnosis, coming to terms with it, and how things are looking better. It doesn't go into her modern life too much, but it's really enjoyable. I can identify with so much that she talks about in the book (lists, constant counting, repulsion at certain numbers, checking, anxiety, etc). With this book, for example, compulsion rules that I can't read more than a chapter of it per day and it has to be done right before falling asleep. I really hope that this rule ends with the book so that I can be more productive in reading.

I'll get started on William Faulkner's As I Lay Dying tomorrow and hope to finish it before the new year so that I can start on Debbie Macomber's The Shop on Blossom Street on the first.

As for knitting, I am so so so close to being halfway finished with Arthur's illusion scarf. The rest will be done in garter stitch, 2 rows per color.

To give myself a break from the hours of illusion knitting I've been doing every evening/night, I started on the Shortrow Spiral using scraps of worsted wools.

I will be making this pretty big, then felting it like crazy to shrink it up as much as I can to make it a rug/door mat for Arthur and Michelle.

I did some more spinning on the mohair I got from SAFF. It's going to be a fingering weight 2-ply (though I'm thinking I might want to make it a 3-ply now). I plan on making some rugged gloves with the finished yarn (thus the possible 3-ply decision). I want some that I can wear out to the barn and such without having to worry about snagging my nicer merino mitts.

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Lupie said...

The more I see your spinning the more I need to learn!