Monday, December 15, 2008


So, Gideon and Jo ran away this morning at 0740. Gideon likes to explore when he's not napping (which is about 85% of the time) and Josie follows him. We are getting the fence up, but it's not entirely finished. We're having to watch my Giddy-monster when he goes out. Well, Moma watched him this morning and he ran like the wind, not even looking back when she called him or said the C-word (Cookie. They even know it when we spell it).

I called and called and called. They never came and I didn't even hear the jingle of Gideon's tags. Jo-Jo finally shows up at 3:30. I give her a bath and do tick removal. Her belly and neck are covered in scratches from briars, sticks, etc. Serves her right. As soon as I finish with her, Gideon is barking at the front door (4 pm). He gets cleaned up and this is what they've been doing since:

Passed out completely.

Here's a picture of Shawn from Saturday:

Kind of a mischevious grin, I think. He was cleaning the T-top windows on his beloved car.

No real fiber news. I really need to get back on Arty's scarf! I plan on getting a lot of knitting time in this week to finish that up (the last gift). I also need to make some crochet stitch markers for another swap, make Michelle some jewelry to go in her knitted bamboo gift bag, and I want to get in some training time for Johnny Cash (dog; I did get some good time in with him today) and Acorn (horse; definitely going for a ride with an old friend Friday afternoon). Busy week.

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